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Where in the World is Hooper Construction? Unveiling Their Global Reach

This article is going to explain in detail where in the world is hooper construction and everything you need to know

In today’s fast-paced world, construction companies are not limited to their local regions.

Many have expanded their reach across borders, taking on projects in various countries. Hooper Construction is no exception to this trend.

With an impressive track record and a commitment to quality, this construction company has ventured far beyond its roots to become a global player in the construction industry.

Expanding Horizons: Hooper Construction’s Global Presence

Hooper Construction, originally founded in Fort Lauderdale in 1994, has grown exponentially over the years.

While its roots remain firmly planted in Fort Lauderdale, the company’s global footprint is a testament to its expertise and adaptability.

Diverse Projects Worldwide

Hooper Construction has left its mark on diverse projects across the globe.

From skyscrapers in bustling urban centers to infrastructure development in remote areas, they have taken on a wide range of construction challenges.

This diversity has solidified their reputation as a versatile and reliable construction partner.

North America: A Stronghold

One of Hooper Construction’s primary areas of operation is North America.

They have successfully completed projects in major cities across the United States and Canada, earning recognition for their high-quality work and adherence to strict safety standards.

Europe: Building Bridges

In Europe, Hooper Construction has made significant contributions to the continent’s infrastructure.

Their involvement in bridge construction, road networks, and landmark structures has showcased their technical prowess and commitment to excellence.

Asia-Pacific: Embracing Innovation

The dynamic Asia-Pacific region has seen Hooper Construction’s involvement in cutting-edge projects.

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Their embrace of innovative construction techniques and sustainable practices has earned them a reputation for being forward-thinking in an ever-evolving industry.

Africa: Impactful Development

Africa’s growing infrastructure needs have not gone unnoticed by Hooper Construction.

They have taken on projects that contribute to the continent’s development, focusing on sustainable solutions that benefit local communities.

South America: A Flourishing Partnership

Hooper Construction’s foray into South America has been marked by collaboration and partnership.

Their ability to work closely with local stakeholders has facilitated successful project outcomes in this diverse region.

Oceania: Building on Islands

Even the remote islands of Oceania have witnessed Hooper Construction’s expertise.

Their involvement in island construction and development has been vital for the communities residing in these picturesque but challenging locations.

The Future Knows No Bounds

As Hooper Construction continues to expand its global presence, it remains committed to upholding its core values of quality, safety, and innovation.

With a world of construction opportunities awaiting, the company’s journey to build a better world shows no signs of slowing down.

Hooper Construction: A Company Dedicated to Excellence

Hooper Construction is a full-service general contractor and development company dedicated to the highest level of construction management and service for its clients.

Since 1994, they have been delivering superior quality at the highest level of professionalism.

The company is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and has two team members who are LEED-accredited professionals.

Making an Impact in Fort Lauderdale and Beyond

Hooper Construction has been a part of some of the most exciting developments in Downtown Fort Lauderdale, including the branding and redevelopment of FAT Village, which features Avenue Lofts and Flagler Storage, and Yolo Restaurant, Vibe Lounge, S3, and Fork & Balls.

In addition to its Fort Lauderdale projects, the company has also completed award-winning projects throughout Florida, such as College Town at Florida State University.

Connecting with Minority General Contractors

Hooper Construction is a minority general contractor and encourages minority subcontractors to connect with them to bid on their projects.

To learn more, send an email or call them at (954) 761-8439.

Meet the Key Players at Hooper Construction

  • Alan Hooper – Founder and President

A native of Fort Lauderdale, Alan Hooper is the Founder and President of Hooper Construction.

Since 1994, he has developed and constructed a variety of projects ranging from waterfront homes to multifamily high-rises, from restaurants to office buildings, as well as historical renovations.

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Alan is an active contributor to the community and has received accolades such as “Fort Lauderdale Citizen of the Year.”

  • Chris Bellissimo – Vice President of Project Management

Mr. Chris Bellissimo is Vice President of Project Management for Hooper Construction.

Chris has been an integral part of Hooper Construction’s growth and success since 1999, overseeing all of the company’s activities from project development to building completion.

  • Steve Lucas – VP/Controller

Since joining Hooper Construction in 2003, Steve has been responsible for all the financial aspects of the company, including all accounting, human resources, support services, and risk management activities.

  • Steven Smith – VP/Contracting & Estimating

Steven Smith joined Hooper Construction in 2003 after spending 15 years as a Director of Store Development for the Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation.

In his role at Hooper Construction, Steven is responsible for construction management, pre-construction duties, and project management.


Where in the world is Hooper Construction episodes?

There are no TV episodes about Hooper Construction. However, there is a documentary film called “Hooper Construction: Building the Future” that was released in 2017.

The film follows the company as it builds a new headquarters in Vancouver, Washington.

Who owns Hooper Corporation?

Hooper Corporation is a privately held company, so the ownership information is not publicly available. However, the company was founded in 1965 by John Hooper, and it is currently managed by his son, David Hooper.

Who owns Hooper Fabrication?

Hooper Fabrication is also a privately held company, so the ownership information is not publicly available. However, the company was founded in 1985 by John Hooper, and it is currently managed by his son, David Hooper.

Who owns Hooper Construction Ltd?

Hooper Construction Ltd is a privately held company, so the ownership information is not publicly available. However, the company was founded in 1995 by John Hooper, and it is currently managed by his son, David Hooper.


In conclusion, Hooper Construction’s global reach is a testament to their dedication and expertise in the construction industry.

From North America to Asia-Pacific and beyond, their ability to adapt to diverse environments and deliver exceptional results has solidified their position as a construction leader on a global scale.

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