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Wevarsity Sacco Society Ltd: Building a Stronger Community through Financial Inclusion

Nestled in the vibrant town of Kakamega, Kenya, Wevarsity Sacco Society Ltd stands tall as a pillar of financial empowerment and community support. Founded with a vision to promote financial inclusion and uplift the lives of its members, Wevarsity Sacco has been serving the people of Kakamega and beyond with dedication and integrity.

Empowering Education and Beyond

Wevarsity Sacco Society Ltd has its roots in the esteemed MMUST School of Nursing, Kakamega. The Sacco was established to cater to the financial needs of students, staff, and faculty of the institution. Over the years, it has grown beyond its academic origins, expanding its membership to encompass a diverse range of individuals and businesses in the region.

Membership Eligibility and Inclusivity

Wevarsity Sacco Society Ltd welcomes a wide range of individuals and entities to become part of its cooperative family. The Sacco’s membership eligibility includes:

  1. Students, Faculty, and Staff of MMUST School of Nursing: As a Sacco born from an educational institution, it continues to serve its academic community with tailored financial solutions.
  2. Residents of Kakamega and Beyond: Wevarsity Sacco extends its membership to residents of Kakamega and surrounding regions, ensuring that financial inclusion reaches far and wide.
  3. Business Owners and Entrepreneurs: Wevarsity Sacco recognizes the vital role of entrepreneurs in the economic growth of the region. As such, it encourages business owners and entrepreneurs to join and benefit from its financial services.
  4. Corporate Entities and Organizations: The Sacco also opens its doors to corporate entities and organizations seeking financial partnerships and collaborative opportunities.

Fostering Financial Growth

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Wevarsity Sacco operates on the principles of unity and cooperation, where members pool their resources to create a strong and sustainable financial institution. The Sacco’s membership-driven approach ensures that all decisions are made collectively, and the benefits are shared equitably among its members.

With a firm belief in the power of financial literacy, Wevarsity Sacco organizes workshops and training programs to empower its members with essential financial knowledge. This approach not only enhances the financial capabilities of members but also fosters a culture of responsible financial management.

Comprehensive Product Offerings

Wevarsity Sacco Society Ltd takes pride in offering a comprehensive range of products and services to cater to the diverse needs of its members. Some of the key offerings include:

  1. Savings and Deposit Products: Wevarsity Sacco encourages its members to cultivate a culture of saving by providing various savings and deposit accounts with attractive interest rates.
  2. Loans and Credit Facilities: The Sacco offers competitive loan products with flexible repayment terms, supporting members in achieving their personal and business goals.
  3. Investment Opportunities: Wevarsity Sacco provides investment avenues, allowing members to grow their wealth and secure their financial future.
  4. Insurance Services: The Sacco also offers insurance products, ensuring that members have access to essential coverage for themselves and their assets.

Contact and Accessibility

Wevarsity Sacco Society Ltd is conveniently located in Kakamega Town, making it easily accessible to its members. The main office, situated at the MMUST School of Nursing along Kakamega-Webuye Road, reflects the Sacco’s commitment to serving the community with utmost convenience.

For inquiries and further information, interested individuals can reach out to the Sacco through the following contact details:

  • Address: MMUST School of Nursing, Kakamega-Webuye Road, Kakamega Town
  • Phone: Insert Phone Number
  • Email: Insert Email Address
  • Website: Insert Website URL


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Wevarsity Sacco Society Ltd stands as a shining example of how financial institutions can empower communities and foster financial inclusion. By providing comprehensive financial solutions and promoting financial literacy, the Sacco has become a trusted partner in the growth and prosperity of Kakamega and its residents.

As Wevarsity Sacco continues its journey of empowering education and beyond, it remains committed to building a stronger community through financial inclusivity and responsible financial management. Through its cooperative values and member-driven approach, Wevarsity Sacco paves the way for its members to achieve their dreams and create a brighter and more prosperous future for all.

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