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Video: Leaked tape and Why Marshall Odero should be arrested

A Kenyan Lady called Marshall Odero is the talk of the town after she recorded herself engaging in a heinous act with a minor.

Marshall Odero, leaked her own video on the internet and the video has sparked viral outcry from Netizens.

We need to protect our kids from predictors who not only molest the minors but have no shame to even record the heinous acts.

The leaked tape is so gross that we can’t publish it here. We at gentributes.com condemn such acts and call for Police and Kenyan authorities to arrest Marshall Odero.

Kenyans on X have also united in calling the authorities to arrest Marshall Odero and charge her.

Understanding the Charges and Implications of Child Molestation

Child molestation is a deeply troubling and criminal act that involves an adult engaging in inappropriate sexual activities with a minor.

This heinous crime has significant legal and societal implications, which are important to understand.


  1. Child Molestation: Child molestation, also known as child sexual abuse, is a broad legal term that encompasses various inappropriate sexual activities with minors. These activities can include sexual touching, exploitation, or exposure to explicit content.
  2. Statutory Rape: In cases where the minor involved is below the age of consent, even consensual sexual activity with a minor can lead to charges of statutory rape. Age of consent laws vary by jurisdiction, but this charge typically involves sexual intercourse with an underage individual.
  3. Sexual Assault: If the molestation involves the use of force, coercion, or threats, the offender may face charges of sexual assault in addition to child molestation charges. The severity of these charges can vary depending on the circumstances.
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  1. Legal Penalties: Conviction on child molestation charges can result in severe legal consequences. These may include imprisonment, probation, substantial fines, and mandatory registration as a sex offender, which means the offender’s information will be available to the public.
  2. Psychological Impact: For the young victims, the emotional and psychological consequences of child molestation can be profound and enduring. They may struggle with trust issues, anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.
  3. Social Stigma: Offenders who are convicted of child molestation often face societal ostracism. They may find it challenging to re-integrate into their communities, and their names on sex offender registries can lead to ongoing social and professional difficulties.
  4. Family Disruption: The consequences of child molestation extend beyond the offender. Families of the victims and the perpetrators often experience significant disruption. Families may need therapy and support to cope with the trauma.
  5. Long-term Supervision: Even after serving a sentence, individuals convicted of child molestation may be subject to long-term supervision, including restrictions on where they can live and work. This monitoring is in place to protect potential future victims.

In conclusion, child molestation is a grave crime with far-reaching consequences.

The legal charges and implications vary by jurisdiction and individual case circumstances, but the impact on the lives of both the victims and the perpetrators can be profound.

Preventing child molestation through education, awareness, and support for survivors is crucial in addressing this issue and protecting our most vulnerable members of society.

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