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Trevor Donovan Movies and TV shows

Explore Trevor Donovan Movies and TV shows. From 90210 to USS Christmas, discover his captivating performances. Watch now and enjoy his versatile talent!

Trevor Donovan Movies and TV shows

Trevor Donovan Movies and TV shows

Trevor Donovan is an American actor and model who is best known for his role as Teddy Montgomery on the hit teen drama television series 90210. He has also starred in a number of Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, including Strawberry Summer, Marry Me at Christmas, and Nostalgic Christmas. Donovan’s other TV credits include recurring roles on Sun Records, The Client List, Melissa & Joey, Awkward, NCIS, and Lucifer. He has also appeared in the films Surrogates, Savages, and The Ranch.

Donovan is active daily on social media, with a worldwide reach of over 10 million people a month across 3 platforms. He is also a spokesperson for several brands, including Axe Body Spray and Old Spice.

Here is a list of some of Trevor Donovan’s most popular movies and TV shows:

  • 90210 (2009-2013)
  • Surrogates (2009)
  • Savages (2012)
  • The Ranch (2016-2017)
  • Strawberry Summer (2017)
  • Marry Me at Christmas (2017)
  • Nostalgic Christmas (2019)
  • Love, Fall & Order (2019)
  • USS Christmas (2020)
  • Aloha with Love (2022)

Trevor Donovan Movies and TV shows

Year Title Role Notes
2009 Surrogates Matthew Smith Feature film
2009-2013 90210 Teddy Montgomery TV series
2012 Savages Chet Feature film
2014 Texas Rising Samuel Walker TV mini-series
2016-2017 The Ranch Luke Matthews TV series
2017 Strawberry Summer Brody Hallmark Channel movie
2017 Marry Me at Christmas Jake Kramer Hallmark Channel movie
2019 Nostalgic Christmas Ben Hallmark Channel movie
2019 Love, Fall & Order Dr. Evan Parks Hallmark Channel movie
2020 USS Christmas Captain Luke Matthews Hallmark Channel movie
2022 Aloha with Love Jack Hallmark Channel movie
2023 Reagan Ron Ziegler Feature film
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Did Trevor Donovan leave Hallmark?

Yes, Trevor Donovan left Hallmark in 2021. He signed a multi-picture deal with GAC Family, a competitor to Hallmark.

How famous is Trevor Donovan?

Trevor Donovan is a fairly well-known actor. He is best known for his roles on the TV shows 90210 and The Ranch, as well as his appearances in Hallmark Channel movies.

Did Trevor Donovan get married?

No, Trevor Donovan is not married. He has been in a relationship with model and actress Carly Pope since 2017.

Where can I watch Trevor Donovan movies?

Trevor Donovan movies can be watched on the Hallmark Channel, GAC Family, and other streaming services.

How much do Hallmark actors make?

Hallmark actors make a variety of salaries. Some actors make as little as $10,000 per movie, while others can make upwards of $100,000.

Why did Bure leave Hallmark?

Candace Cameron Bure left Hallmark in 2022. She cited creative differences as the reason for her departure.

How much money did Trevor make?

Trevor Donovan’s salary is not publicly known. However, it is estimated that he makes a few hundred thousand dollars per year from his acting work.

Why is Trevor so likeable?

Trevor Donovan is likeable for a variety of reasons. He is handsome, charming, and has a good sense of humor. He is also known for being down-to-earth and approachable.

How much money did Trevor have?

Trevor Donovan’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. This includes his earnings from acting, modeling, and endorsement deals.

Who inspired Trevor from GTA?

Trevor from GTA was inspired by Trevor Donovan. Donovan’s likeness was used to create the character’s appearance in the game.

Who is the best friend of Trevor?

Trevor Donovan’s best friend is actor and model Carson Lueders. The two have been friends since they were teenagers.

What is Donovan famous for?

Donovan is famous for his roles on the TV shows 90210 and The Ranch, as well as his appearances in Hallmark Channel movies. He is also known for his modeling work.

Does Netflix have Ray Donovan?

Yes, Netflix has Ray Donovan. The show is available to stream on Netflix in the United States.

Is there a movie called Donovan?

Yes, there is a movie called Donovan. It was released in 2004 and stars Josh Hartnett.

Does Trevor Donovan have a brother?

Yes, Trevor Donovan has a brother named Brandon. Brandon is also an actor.

How long does it take to film a Hallmark movie?

Hallmark movies typically take about two weeks to film.

How much does it cost to make a Hallmark movie?

Hallmark movies typically cost between $1 million and $2 million to make.

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Who are the most popular male actors in Hallmark movies?

Some of the most popular male actors in Hallmark movies include Trevor Donovan, Tyler Hynes, Andrew Walker, and Brennan Elliott.

What actress is no longer on Hallmark?

Candace Cameron Bure is no longer on Hallmark. She left the network in 2022.

Who is no longer on Hallmark?

In addition to Candace Cameron Bure, several other actors have left Hallmark in recent years. These include Danica McKellar, Lori Loughlin, and Jen Lilley.

What Hallmark actors are married to each other?

Several Hallmark actors are married to each other. These include Brennan Elliott and Lindsay Hartley, and Andrew Walker and Erin Cahill.

Is Trevor and Emma dating?

Trevor Donovan and Emma Slater were partnered together on Dancing with the Stars in 2022. However, there is no indication that they are dating in real life.

How far did Trevor Donovan go on Dancing with the Stars?

Trevor Donovan and Emma Slater finished in 8th place on Dancing with the Stars in 2022.

Is Trevor Donovan left handed?

No, Trevor Donovan is not left-handed. He is right-handed.

Who is replacing Candace Cameron Bure on Hallmark?

There is no one replacing Candace Cameron Bure on Hallmark. However, several actresses have been cast in lead roles in Hallmark movies since Bure’s departure. These include Jill Wagner, Autumn Reeser, and Lacey Chabert.

What actors left Hallmark for GAC?

Several actors have left Hallmark for GAC Family, a competitor to Hallmark. These include Trevor Donovan, Jen Lilley, and Jessica Lowndes.

How much do Grammy hosts get paid?

The amount that Grammy hosts get paid is not publicly known. However, it is estimated that they make between $1 million and $2 million for the gig.

How much does Jimmy Kimmel make annually?

Jimmy Kimmel makes an estimated $15 million per year for his talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

What is Noah net worth?

Noah net worth is estimated to be around $300 million. This includes his earnings from acting, music, and endorsement deals.

What does the name Donovan mean?

The name Donovan means “dark warrior” or “dublin”. It is an Irish name.

Did Donovan play with the Beatles?

No, Donovan did not play with the Beatles. However, he was friends with the band and they appeared in his music video for “Mellow Yellow”.

Is Donovan Religious?

Donovan is not religious. He has said that he is spiritual but does not follow any particular religion.

Is Ray Donovan a good show?

Ray Donovan is a critically acclaimed show that has been praised for its writing, acting, and directing. It is a dark comedy-drama that follows the life of a Hollywood fixer.

How old is Ray Donovan?

Ray Donovan is 52 years old. He was born on January 17, 1971.

What is Ray Donovan’s job?

Ray Donovan is a Hollywood fixer. He is a professional problem solver who helps celebrities and other high-profile people deal with their personal and professional problems.

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