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Tragic Revelation: Robert Card’s Suicide Note Deepens Concerns in Maine Shooting

In the wake of the devastating mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine, authorities have uncovered a heartbreaking twist in the case.

It has been reported that Robert Card, the primary suspect behind the heinous act that claimed the lives of 18 innocent people and left 13 others wounded, has left behind a suicide note at his residence.

The discovery of this suicide note, addressed to his own son, raises grave concerns about Card’s well-being and the tragic turn of events that have unfolded since the horrifying incident at a local bowling alley and restaurant in Lewiston.

Card, a resident of Bowdoin, Maine, had been the subject of an intensive multistate manhunt, involving hundreds of law enforcement personnel scouring forests, waterways, and small towns in search of the armed and dangerous suspect.

Despite their relentless efforts and the involvement of federal agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Card’s whereabouts had remained unknown.

However, the suicide note found at his residence brings the pursuit to a solemn crossroads.

The note, reportedly addressed to his own son, hints at the possibility that Robert Card may no longer be alive.

While the exact contents of the note have not been disclosed to the public, it undoubtedly deepens the emotional turmoil that has gripped the communities affected by this tragedy.

Robert Card’s descent into violence and tragedy remains a subject of investigation, as law enforcement seeks to uncover the motives and methods behind the mass shooting.

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His prior history of mental health issues and the threats he made earlier this year regarding a shooting at a National Guard base in Saco only add to the case’s complexity.

The tragic events that unfolded in Lewiston have marked yet another dark day for the nation, further highlighting the urgent need for comprehensive gun safety reforms.

As the investigation continues and more details emerge, the communities affected by this tragedy remain united in their pursuit of justice.

It is a stark reminder that the devastating ripple effects of such incidents extend far beyond the immediate victims, touching the lives of families, friends, and entire communities.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by this tragedy, and the hope for answers and closure persists as authorities piece together the events leading up to this heart-wrenching moment.


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