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Southside Wholigans satta king lyrics

This time around we write down southside wholigans satta king lyrics and help our fans understand what they are singing


Southside Wholigans satta king lyrics

Yea I walk through the corridor I’m thinking this shits overGot me feeling paranoid I’m looking over my shoulderBut I’m blinded by the lights and now my breath is getting shorterIt’s about to be our time ima preach it like I told yaBoutta induce you like a cobraYou about to feel my fangsHypnotize the world just from wearing diamond chainsI can tell you without a doubt that you and I are not the sameCause I do this for myself ion do it for no fameIt’s a shame that all of you are in the gameBout to run it up and now y’all speaking on my nameHad to switch it up yea I do my own thangSmoking on that gas we just rolled the romainIt’s a shame that all of you are in the gameBout to run it up and now y’all speaking on my nameHad to switch it up yea I do my own thangSmoking on that gas we just rolled the romain


I just want to meet my makerRiding in the cut it’s two amI’m on my way to meet you greet you see you gotta take me inCause I got some issues balling with new issuePraying to the dead just to tell them I miss youI just keep falling into a deeper holeKeep getting lost asking where do I goYea I keep moving up but I still feel lowIt’s like no matter how much I climb there’s just nowhere to goYea they hating on me cause I got evil in genesThat’s my DNA with a mix of promethazineGot you guessing like you playing a game of satta kingI’m on game while you taking pictures with a fiendPlay it like I’m playing Satta and I do it with the partnersCrimey motherfuckerSlimey from the empty gutterThinking bout the guns and butterPeeping through the shuttersDid I motherfucking stutter?Ain’t nobody messing with the thunderMessing with my brothersIma put you under run yo pockets how I’m talkingWe just get it PoppinRun your options ima hit you with the steady opticI don’t like the small talkGet the business let the money talk if it’s a standoffI’m killing every witnessSurvival of fittest ima let it sound offLet the dead talk or let my gun walkThis shit like clockwork she loving how my cock workRocking out like it’s a concertEveryday I’m sponsored by maryjane she makes my lungs hurtPut a body on your tee shirt to see my art workDon’t be looking for a handout cause that’s not how this works

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