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Shocking Details about the Father of the Kidnapped 9-months Girl

We have uncovered yet another shocking details about the father of the mission 9-months girl that has been kidnapped in a carjacking case.

Exactly 1 year ago, the father of the now missing girl, then 29 year old Madison Freeman was allegedly charged with kidnapping alongside a 42 buddy.

Shocking Details
Shocking details about the father of the mission girl

On 13th July 2022, a police report states a male who had reported that he was tied up by two individuals at a residence on Town Street. He said his personal belongings were also taken, but he was able to escape from the residence after being held for several hours.

After Police investigation  commenced, a 42-year-old Kenji Hill, of Parrish, was arrested and charged with Kidnapping 1st Degree and Robbery 1st Degree. He was taken to the Walker County Jail and is being held with no bond.

Suspecious background
Image courtesy of| abc news 33/40
In yet an image released by Parrish Police Department,

29-year-old Madison “Jo RiLee” Freeman, of Parrish, was also charged with Kidnapping 1st Degree and Robbery 1st Degree. He escaped and had been on the police radar.


Concerns have been raised by members of the public on how the father of the missing Harlow Darby Freeman, date of birth is 10-3 of 2022 left her unattended in a car for allegedly more than 20 minutes.

A few minutes ago, Perish Police release an official statement and said that all resources have been deployed in search of the 9-month girl description “The child is a white female Harlow Darby Freeman, date of birth is 10-3 of 2022.”.

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More updates to follow…

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