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Ross Lynch Movies and TV shows

Ross Lynch has appeared in a variety of popular movies and TV shows, showcasing his acting talent and captivating audiences worldwide.

From Disney Channel‘s “Austin & Ally” to Netflix’s “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” discover Ross Lynch’s impressive body of work with our comprehensive guide.

Ross Lynch Movies and TV shows

Ross Lynch Movies and TV shows


Ross Lynch is a talented American actor who has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. He first rose to prominence as the star of the Disney Channel series “Austin & Ally,” where he played the role of Austin Moon, a charismatic and talented musician. Since then, Ross has gone on to appear in a number of popular movies and TV shows, showcasing his range as an actor.

One of Ross’s most notable roles was as Harvey Kinkle in Netflix’s hit series “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.” In this dark reimagining of the classic comic book character, Ross brought a sense of depth and complexity to his portrayal of the lovable high school jock. He also impressed audiences with his dramatic talents in the biopic “My Friend Dahmer,” where he played the notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s teenage years.

In addition to his acting career, Ross is also an accomplished musician and singer. He was a member of the pop-rock band R5 alongside his siblings, releasing several albums and embarking on multiple tours before the band disbanded in 2018.

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Overall, Ross Lynch’s filmography is a testament to his versatility and talent, and he continues to be a sought-after performer in Hollywood today. Whether you’re a fan of his work on screen or his music, there’s no denying that Ross Lynch is a rising star worth watching.

Ross Lynch Movies and TV shows

Year Title Role Notes
2009 Kidz Bop 17 Himself Appeared in the music video for “I Kissed a Girl”
2010 Grapple Young Jack Short film
2011–2012 Austin & Ally Austin Moon Disney Channel sitcom
2012 Teen Beach Movie Brady Musical film
2013 Muppets Most Wanted Gary Cameo appearance
2013–2014 Ultimate Spider-Man Jack Russell/Werewolf by Night Voiced the character in the animated television series
2015 Teen Beach 2 Brady Musical sequel to Teen Beach Movie
2016 My Friend Dahmer Jeffrey Dahmer Biopic film
2017 Status Update Kyle Comedy film
2018–2020 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Harvey Kinkle Netflix supernatural drama series
2021 Holy Alex Horror film
2022 The Driver Era: Fantasy Alex Music video
2022 The Driver Era: Malibu Ross Lynch Music video
2022 The Driver Era feat. Nikka Costa: Keep Moving Forward Ross Lynch Music video
2022 The Driver Era: Heart of Mine Ross Lynch Music video
2023 The Driver Era: #1 Fan Ross Lynch Music video
2023 The Driver Era: Heaven Angel Ross Lynch Music video


What is Ross Lynch most famous for?

Ross Lynch is most famous for his roles as Austin Moon in the Disney Channel series Austin & Ally and Harvey Kinkle in the Netflix series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. He is also a singer and musician, and was the lead vocalist of the band R5.

Does Ross Lynch have a gf?

Ross Lynch is currently dating Courtney Eaton.

What’s Ross Lynch doing now?

Ross Lynch is currently working on his music career with his band, The Driver Era. He is also starring in the upcoming film Holy.

How old is Ross Lynch now?

Ross Lynch is 27 years old.

How old is Austin Moon in Season 2?

Austin Moon is 16 years old in Season 2 of Austin & Ally.

How old was Ross Lynch when filming Austin and Ally?

Ross Lynch was 15 years old when he started filming Austin & Ally.

Who is Ross Lynch best friend?

Ross Lynch’s best friend is his brother, Rocky Lynch.

Did Ally and Austin get married?

No, Ally and Austin did not get married. They remained friends and business partners.

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What is Ross Lynch’s natural hair color?

Ross Lynch’s natural hair color is brown.

How much does Ross Lynch cost?

The cost of booking Ross Lynch for an event varies depending on the type of event, the length of the performance, and the travel expenses.

How old is ally in season 1?

Ally Dawson is 16 years old in Season 1 of Austin & Ally.

How much money does Ross Lynch make?

Ross Lynch’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million.

Who was Lynch’s first wife?

Ross Lynch has never been married.

Who is the youngest Lynch?

Ross Lynch is the youngest of five siblings. His siblings are Riker, Rocky, Rydel, and Ellington.

Does Ross Lynch have a child?

Ross Lynch does not have any children.

Would Ross Lynch date a fan?

Ross Lynch has said that he would not date a fan. He believes that it is important to keep his personal life separate from his professional life.

What kind of person is Ross Lynch?

Ross Lynch is described as being kind, funny, and down-to-earth. He is also a talented actor, singer, and musician.

Is Ross Lynch part of R5?

Ross Lynch was the lead vocalist of the band R5. The band disbanded in 2018, but Ross and his brother Rocky Lynch formed a new band called The Driver Era.

How do I book Ross Lynch?

To book Ross Lynch for an event, you can contact his management team. Their contact information can be found on his website.

Is Ross Lynch a dancer?

Yes, Ross Lynch is a dancer. He has taken dance classes since he was a child.

Did Ross Lynch have a twin?

Ross Lynch did not have a twin. However, he does have four siblings.

Does Ross Lynch have a twin brother?

Ross Lynch has one twin brother, Rocky Lynch.

Who is the oldest in the Lynch family?

Riker Lynch is the oldest in the Lynch family.

What religion was the Lynch family?

The Lynch family is Catholic.

Why is R5 called R5?

R5 is called R5 because there are five members in the band: Ross, Riker, Rocky, Rydel, and Ellington.

What does the surname Lynch mean?

The surname Lynch comes from the Irish word “luan,” which means “rush.”

Did Ross Lynch and Maia ever date?

Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell dated for a short time in 2013.

Is Rocky Lynch and Alex still together?

Rocky Lynch and Alex Newell are no longer together. They broke up in 2019.


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