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Mushroom Buyers in Kenya: Where to Sell Your Produce

Mushroom farming is a thriving industry in Kenya, driven by its health benefits and profitability.

For mushroom farmers looking to establish a steady market for their produce, finding reliable buyers is crucial.

This article provides a comprehensive list of mushroom buyers in Kenya with a focus on Nairobi, the region with the highest demand.

Where to Sell Mushroom in Kenya

Where to Sell Mushroom in Kenya
Where to Sell Mushroom in Kenya

1. Mushroom Blue Kenya With a wide network and established market presence, Mushroom Blue Kenya is a prominent buyer of mushrooms in the country. They offer a reliable option for selling your mushrooms.

Contact: +254 774 187905

2. Richmum International Ltd Richmum International Ltd is known for its strong market presence and extensive experience as a mushroom buyer. They provide a reliable partnership for farmers seeking to sell their produce.

Contact: +254 739 262 001 / richmumbasa@gmail.com

3. Mushrooms by ANNE Kimathi ANNE Kimathi, an influential figure in the mushroom industry, operates her brand called Mushrooms by ANNE Kimathi. Farmers have a great opportunity to sell their mushrooms through her platform.

Contact: 0721 443198

4. Mushroom Guru Kenya Mushroom Guru Kenya is a trusted buyer that purchases mushrooms from farmers nationwide. Their professional approach and expertise make them a reliable option.

Contact: 0731 079150

5. Jolin Farm Operating in the Nairobi area, Jolin Farm is a renowned buyer with a vast network and a strong customer base. They provide consistent market access for mushroom farmers.

Contact: 0705 880312

6. ELIMA Mushroom ELIMA Mushroom offers excellent opportunities for farmers to sell their mushrooms. Known for their commitment to quality and fair prices, they are a preferred choice for many growers.

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Contact: 0725 498252

7. Mushrooms Kenya Mushrooms Kenya is a well-established buyer operating in the Nairobi region. They are known for offering fair prices and maintaining long-term relationships with mushroom farmers.

Contact: 0705 210033

8. WEGA Mushrooms WEGA Mushrooms specializes in sourcing high-quality mushrooms. Their dedication to quality standards and customer satisfaction has earned them a solid reputation in the market.

Contact: 0789 513420

9. DimJim Mushrooms DimJim Mushrooms actively seeks mushrooms from farmers and offers competitive prices. With a reliable distribution network, they are a preferred choice for many growers.

Contact: 0736 232478

10. Syenta Mushroom Enterprise Syenta Mushroom Enterprise has a strong presence in the market and values partnerships with mushroom farmers. They ensure fair deals and timely payments.

Contact: 0710 451454

11. Icara Farms Icara Farms is an established buyer that purchases mushrooms nationwide. Known for their reliability and professionalism, they have a solid reputation in the industry.

Contact: +254 722 285 017

12. Grand African Mushrooms Grand African Mushrooms focuses on high-quality mushrooms, providing a consistent market for farmers. They ensure fair prices for producers’ efforts.

Contact: 0712 244692

13. High Garden Mushrooms High Garden Mushrooms is a reputable buyer that actively sources mushrooms from farmers. They prioritize maintaining relationships with growers and offer fair prices.

Contact: 0717 225431

14. Mama’s Mushrooms Mama’s Mushrooms is committed to supporting local mushroom farmers. They offer fair prices and have a strong customer base that appreciates their high-quality produce.

Contact: 0719 221707

15. Mush-tech Mushrooms Mush-tech Mushrooms emphasizes technological advancements in mushroom cultivation. They seek mushrooms from farmers implementing innovative farming practices and offer competitive prices.

Contact: 0716 867422


Where to Sell Mushroom in Kenya
Where to Sell Mushroom in Kenya

Where can I sell my mushrooms in Kenya?

There are a number of places where you can sell your mushrooms in Kenya, including:

* Farmers' markets
* Grocery stores
* Health food shops
* Restaurants
* Hotels
* Online retailers

You can also sell your mushrooms directly to consumers by setting up a roadside stall or by delivering them to customers’ homes.

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Is there a market for mushrooms in Kenya?

Yes, there is a growing market for mushrooms in Kenya. Mushrooms are a healthy and nutritious food, and they are becoming increasingly popular among Kenyan consumers. There is also a growing demand for mushrooms from the export market.

How much is 1kg of mushroom in Kenya?

The price of 1kg of mushroom in Kenya varies depending on the type of mushroom, the quality of the mushroom, and the location where you are selling it. However, in general, you can expect to sell 1kg of mushroom for between Ksh. 400 and Ksh. 800.

Which mushroom has the highest demand?

The mushroom with the highest demand in Kenya is the button mushroom. Button mushrooms are a white, cultivated mushroom that is known for its mild flavor and versatility. They are often used in stir-fries, soups, and salads.

Which mushroom has the highest price per kg?

The mushroom with the highest price per kg in Kenya is the shiitake mushroom. Shiitake mushrooms are a brown, cultivated mushroom that is known for its earthy flavor and umami taste. They are often used in Asian cuisine.


Finding reliable buyers is essential for the success of mushroom farmers in Kenya. The listed buyers, including Mushroom Blue Kenya, Richmum International Ltd, Mushrooms by ANNE Kimathi, and others, provide opportunities for farmers across different regions. It’s important for farmers to establish direct connections, understand buyer requirements, and build mutually beneficial relationships to ensure a steady market for their mushroom produce.

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