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VIDEO: MrBeast Builds 100 Wells in Africa

MrBeast recently achieved his goal of becoming the most prominent individual YouTuber, known for his grand endeavors such as the Squid Games video.

Additionally, he has gained recognition for his philanthropic efforts, which have included assisting paralyzed dogs, funding a children’s hospital, and more. His latest undertaking is equally heartwarming.

In his latest video, he takes his viewers on a journey to Africa to tackle one of the continent’s most pressing issues: the lack of access to clean drinking water.

He embarks on the challenge of constructing 100 wells across Africa, all with the aim of providing clean drinking water to communities.

The journey begins with the construction of the first well in a Kenyan village, where the local residents express their immense joy at finally having access to clean water.

In the video, MrBeast and his team travel to various locations in Africa, including Kenya, Zimbabwe, and other countries, to build wells and enhance water sources.

Upon completing several wells in Kenya, they head to the Niri school system. The local community warmly welcomes them.

MrBeast and his team visit the river from which the students currently fetch water. Witnessing the challenging conditions in which these people live, he is grateful for the opportunity to make a difference.

He emphasizes the unfortunate reality that students have no alternative but to use this unsafe water source, which severely limits and endangers their lives.

Throughout their journey, the children and locals greet MrBeast and his team with great happiness. Viewers can clearly see the genuine joy of the people as they gain access to clean drinking water.

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The wells are constructed using a substantial drill that taps into the underground water supply. In addition to well construction, MrBeast generously donates water tanks to the local communities, enabling them to store and use the water as needed.

The video then transitions to Zimbabwe, where they build a bridge to improve access to a well. A treacherous river had previously posed a significant risk to the community, so MrBeast and his team construct a sturdy bridge, ensuring safer access to the well.

They subsequently visited a local hospital in Zimbabwe, which had relied on a distant water source.

MrBeast’s project covers the cost of constructing a new well, significantly easing the burden on pregnant mothers who previously had to undertake long walks for water.

One of the wells, labeled as number 69, is equipped with solar panels, ensuring a continuous water supply for crops and livestock, even during dry seasons.

MrBeast’s philanthropic project extends its reach to Uganda, Somalia, and Cameroon, affirming its unwavering commitment to providing clean water to African communities.

The video underscores the crucial significance of addressing the global clean water crisis and calls for collective action.

The project extends to providing bicycles to students, constructing a solar-powered well, and addressing the perilous issue of river crossings with the construction of new bridges.

MrBeast encourages his viewers to contribute to Beast Philanthropy to support the construction of more wells, underlining the importance of making a collective effort to address this global challenge.

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