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Miles Teller Movies

Looking for an in-depth guide to the top Miles Teller movies? Look no further!

Our comprehensive list covers everything from fan-favorites like Whiplash and The Spectacular Now to lesser-known gems that every true Teller fan needs to see.

Miles Teller Movies

Miles Teller MoviesMiles Teller is one of Hollywood’s rising stars, and his performances have won over audiences and critics alike. With a career that spans over a decade, he has become known for his versatility and naturalistic acting style. From heartwarming comedies to intense dramas, Teller has showcased his talent in a variety of genres.

One of the movies that put Teller on the map was “Whiplash.” In this critically acclaimed drama, he plays a young drummer who dreams of becoming one of the greats. His performance earned him an Academy Award nomination and cemented his status as a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood.

Another standout film in Teller’s career is “The Spectacular Now.” This coming-of-age story follows a high school senior as he navigates the challenges of growing up. Teller’s portrayal of the lead character earned him widespread praise and established him as a leading man.

In addition to these films, Teller has also appeared in a number of other successful movies, including “War Dogs,” “Fantastic Four,” and “Bleed for This.” Each of these roles showcases his range as an actor and his ability to bring depth and nuance to his performances.

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Teller is undoubtedly one of the most exciting actors working today, and his impressive resume of movies speaks to his talent and dedication. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just discovering his work, there’s no denying that Miles Teller is a true star on the rise.

Miles Teller Movies

Year Title Role Notes
2010 Rabbit Hole Jason Willette
2010 The Unusuals (TV series) Officer Christian “Slime” Slattery 10 episodes
2011 Footloose Willard Hewitt
2012 Project X Miles Teller (uncredited cameo)
2013 21 & Over Miller
2013 The Spectacular Now Sutter Keely Sundance Film Festival Special Jury Award for Acting
2014 Divergent Peter Hayes
2014 That Awkward Moment Daniel “Dan” Trunkman Also known as Are We Officially Dating?
2014 Two Night Stand Alec
2014 Whiplash Andrew Neiman Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor nomination
2015 Insurgent Peter Hayes
2015 Fantastic Four Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic
2016 Get a Job Will Davis
2016 War Dogs David Packouz
2017 Thank You for Your Service Adam Schumann
2018 Only the Brave Brendan McDonough
2018 Bleed for This Vinny Pazienza
2019 Too Old to Die Young (TV series) Martin Jones 7 episodes
2019 Top Gun: Maverick Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw
2021 Notorious Nick Nick Newell
2021 The Offer (TV series) Al Ruddy Upcoming series
2022 Spiderhead Rafe Post-production

What is Miles Teller’s biggest movie?

Miles Teller’s biggest movie is probably Top Gun: Maverick, which grossed over $1 billion worldwide.

How did Miles Teller get so famous?

Miles Teller got his start in the 2010s with roles in films like The Spectacular Now, Whiplash, and Divergent. He has since become a well-known actor with a successful career.

Is Miles Teller related to Elvis Presley?

No, Miles Teller is not related to Elvis Presley.

What movies is Miles Teller known for?

Miles Teller is known for his roles in films like The Spectacular Now, Whiplash, Divergent, Fantastic Four, War Dogs, and Top Gun: Maverick.

How much did Miles Teller get paid for Top Gun?

Miles Teller reportedly earned $10 million for his role in Top Gun: Maverick.

Why is Miles Teller’s face scarred?

Miles Teller suffered facial scars while filming the movie Whiplash. He was hit in the face with a drumstick by J.K. Simmons, who played his abusive bandleader.

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How much did Miles Teller get paid for Whiplash?

Miles Teller reportedly earned $250,000 for his role in Whiplash.

How did Taylor Swift choose Miles Teller?

Taylor Swift chose Miles Teller to star in the music video for her song “I Bet You Think About Me (Taylor’s Version).” She said that she was a fan of his work and that he was the perfect actor to bring the song to life.

Is Miles Teller a Millionaire?

Yes, Miles Teller is a millionaire. His net worth is estimated to be $10 million.

Who did everyone want to play Elvis?

Many actors were considered for the role of Elvis Presley in the upcoming biopic. Some of the top contenders included Miles Teller, Ansel Elgort, and Harry Styles.

Is Miles Teller a good singer?

Miles Teller is a talented singer. He has performed in several films and has even released his own music.

Who was Elvis named after?

Elvis was named after his father, Vernon Elvis Presley.

How old was Miles Teller in Footloose?

Miles Teller was 24 years old when he starred in the remake of Footloose.

Which Godfather is Miles Teller in?

Miles Teller is not in any of the Godfather films.

Why is whiplash rated R?

Whiplash is rated R for language, violence, and some sexual content.

Who is the highest-paid actor?

Dwayne Johnson is the highest-paid actor in the world. He earned $87.5 million in 2020.

How much does Tom Cruise charge for a movie?

Tom Cruise reportedly charges $20 million per movie.

How much did Tom Cruise get paid for Top Gun?

Tom Cruise reportedly earned $100 million for his role in Top Gun: Maverick.

Who made whiplash?

Whiplash was directed by Damien Chazelle.

Did Miles Teller get his scars removed?

Yes, Miles Teller had his scars removed after filming Whiplash.

Why did Miles Teller go blonde?

Miles Teller dyed his hair blonde for his role in the movie Bleed for This.

What is Miles Teller’s net worth?

Miles Teller’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million.

Did Miles Teller learn to play piano?

Yes, Miles Teller learned to play piano for his role in the movie War Dogs.

Is Miles Teller a good drummer?

Yes, Miles Teller is a good drummer. He learned to play drums for his role in the movie Whiplash.

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