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Michael Imperioli Movies and TV shows

Explore Michael Imperioli Movies and TV shows Witness his talent in iconic roles and immerse yourself in his compelling on-screen presence.

Michael Imperioli Movies and TV shows

Michael Imperioli Movies and TV shows

Michael Imperioli is an American actor, writer, and director. Imperioli is best known for his role as Christopher Moltisanti in the HBO crime drama The Sopranos, which earned him the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series in 2004. He has also appeared in a number of films, including Goodfellas, Jungle Fever, Bad Boys, Malcolm X, The Basketball Diaries, Clockers, Dead Presidents, Girl 6, My Baby’s Daddy, Lean on Me, I Shot Andy Warhol, Last Man Standing, Shark Tale, High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story, and Summer of Sam, which he also co-wrote and co-produced. He has also written five episodes for The Sopranos.

Imperioli’s other notable TV roles include Detective Ray Curto in Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Dominic Di Grasso in The White Lotus, and Angelo Dundee in One Night in Miami… He has also appeared in the films The Lovely Bones, The Many Saints of Newark, and This Fool.

Imperioli is a versatile actor who has starred in a wide range of movies and TV shows. He is known for his intense and naturalistic performances, and he has won critical acclaim for his work on The Sopranos. He is also a talented writer and director, and he has made significant contributions to the film and television industry.

Michael Imperioli Movies and TV shows

Year Title Role Notes
1990 Goodfellas Spider Small role
1991 Jungle Fever Vito Minor role
1992 Malcolm X Shorty Minor role
1995 The Basketball Diaries Nicky Supporting role
1995 Clockers Rodney Little Supporting role
1996 Dead Presidents Soup Supporting role
1996 Girl 6 Luis Supporting role
1997 My Baby’s Daddy Vincent Supporting role
1998 Lean on Me Ralph Supporting role
1998 I Shot Andy Warhol Gino Supporting role
1999 The Sopranos Christopher Moltisanti Lead role; won Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series in 2004
2001 Last Man Standing Detective Paul Alvarez Supporting role
2004 Shark Tale Luca Brasi Voice role
2007 Cleaver Cleaver Barakat Lead role; also wrote and directed the film
2007 Summer of Sam Vinny Appice Supporting role
2008 The Lovely Bones Mr. Harvey Supporting role
2010 Detroit 1-8-7 Louis Fitch Supporting role
2012 The Five People You Meet in Heaven George Bailey Supporting role
2013 The Pardon Frank Lead role
2014 For One More Day Charley Supporting role
2016-2021 Lucifer Pete Donovan Recurring role
2019 The Many Saints of Newark Dickie Moltisanti Supporting role
2021 The White Lotus Dominic Di Grasso Recurring role
2023 This Fool Vinny Lead role
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Was Michael Imperioli in Godfather 3?

No, Michael Imperioli was not in The Godfather Part III. He was in the running to play the role of Vincent Corleone, but he was ultimately passed over for Andy Garcia.

What is Michael Imperioli doing now?

Michael Imperioli is currently working on a number of projects, including a new film called “This Fool” and a television series called “The White Lotus.” He is also a writer and director, and he has recently written a book about his experiences on The Sopranos.

What is celebrity Michael Imperioli net worth?

Michael Imperioli’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. He has made his money through his acting career, as well as through his writing and directing work.

How old is Michael from Sopranos?

Michael from The Sopranos is supposed to be 24 years old in the first season of the show. However, Michael Imperioli was actually 33 years old when he started playing the role.

What’s the difference between The Godfather 3 and the death of Michael Corleone?

The death of Michael Corleone is handled very differently in The Godfather Part III than it was in the original novel by Mario Puzo. In the novel, Michael dies peacefully in his sleep. However, in the film, Michael dies alone and in pain. This change was made by director Francis Ford Coppola, who felt that it was a more realistic and tragic ending for the character.

Who is the new pope in Godfather 3?

The new pope in The Godfather Part III is Cardinal Lamberto, who is played by Robert Duvall. Cardinal Lamberto is elected pope after the death of Pope John Paul I.

Is Michael from GTA 5 based on Tony Soprano?

There are some similarities between Michael from GTA 5 and Tony Soprano, but they are not exactly the same character. Michael is a more violent and ruthless character than Tony, and he is also more successful in business. However, both characters are struggling with the guilt of their past actions, and they are both trying to find a way to balance their family life with their criminal activities.

How old is Tony Soprano in Season 1?

Tony Soprano is 46 years old in the first season of The Sopranos.

How much did James Gandolfini make per episode of Sopranos?

James Gandolfini made $1 million per episode of The Sopranos in the final season of the show. This made him one of the highest paid actors on television at the time.

Who was the highest paid actor in Sopranos?

James Gandolfini was the highest paid actor in The Sopranos. He made $1 million per episode in the final season of the show.

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How much did Tony Soprano make per year?

Tony Soprano’s income from his criminal activities is estimated to be around $200 million per year. However, he also has a legitimate business, a waste management company, that brings in an additional $50 million per year.

How much did each actor get paid from Sopranos?

The actors on The Sopranos were paid a different amount per episode, depending on their role and their experience. James Gandolfini made the most, with $1 million per episode in the final season. Other top earners included Edie Falco ($350,000 per episode), Lorraine Bracco ($250,000 per episode), and Michael Imperioli ($200,000 per episode).

How much older is Silvio than Tony Soprano?

Silvio Dante is about 10 years older than Tony Soprano.

What age did Tony Soprano pass away?

Tony Soprano’s death is never shown on the show, but it is implied that he dies in the final episode. The episode ends with Tony sitting in a diner, and the screen cuts to black before we see what happens to him.

How old was Edie Falco in Sopranos?

Edie Falco was 34 years old when she started playing Carmela Soprano on The Sopranos.

Why was Mary Corleone killed?

Mary Corleone was killed by Joey Zasa, a rival mobster, in an attempt to get to Michael Corleone. Mary was an innocent bystander in the attack, and her death was a major turning point in Michael’s life.

How old was Vito Corleone when he died?

Vito Corleone was 68 years old when he died of a heart attack in The Godfather.

Who was Michael Corleone’s successor?

Michael Corleone’s successor was Vincent Corleone, his nephew. Vincent was the son of Sonny Corleone, Michael’s older brother.

Is Tom Hagen alive in Godfather 3?

No, Tom Hagen is not alive in The Godfather Part III. He is murdered by Joey Zasa, a rival mobster, in an attempt to get to Michael Corleone.

Who does Michael Corleone confess to?

Michael Corleone confesses to a priest in The Godfather Part III. He confesses to his sins, including the murders he committed.

How did Tony Soprano get rich?

Tony Soprano got rich through his criminal activities. He was the head of a crime family, and he was involved in a variety of illegal businesses, including gambling, racketeering, and drug trafficking.

How did Tony Soprano pay for his house?

Tony Soprano paid for his house with the proceeds of his criminal activities. He bought the house in 1998 for $3.5 million. The house is located in North Caldwell, New Jersey, and it is a 6,000 square foot mansion.

What businesses does Tony Soprano own?

Tony Soprano owns a number of businesses, including a waste management company, a construction company, and a casino. He also has interests in a number of other businesses, including a strip club and a car dealership.

How many murders is Tony Soprano responsible for?

The exact number of murders that Tony Soprano is responsible for is unknown. However, it is estimated that he has killed at least 20 people.

Who is Tony Soprano based on?

Tony Soprano is based on a number of real-life mobsters, including John Gotti and Joseph Massino. However, he is also a fictional character, and he is not based on any one person in particular.

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