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Matt Bomer Movies and TV shows

Get ready to be captivated by the talented Matt Bomer! From his breakout role in “White Collar” to his captivating performances in movies like “Magic Mike” and “The Normal Heart,” explore the best of Matt Bomer movies and TV shows. Discover his impressive range as an actor and immerse yourself in his unforgettable performances.

Matt Bomer Movies and TVshows

Matt Bomer Movies and TVshows

Matt Bomer is an American actor known for his versatile roles in both television and film. He started his career with a guest appearance on the popular soap opera “All My Children” and went on to become a household name with his portrayal of Neal Caffrey, a charming con artist in the hit USA Network series “White Collar.”

In addition to his acclaimed performance in “White Collar,” Bomer has also appeared in a number of movies including “Magic Mike,” “The Normal Heart,” and “The Magnificent Seven.” In “Magic Mike,” Bomer played the role of Ken, a talented dancer who was part of a male strip revue. His performance in “The Normal Heart” earned him critical acclaim and a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor. In “The Magnificent Seven,” he played the role of Matthew Cullen, a sharpshooter who joins a band of seven gunslingers to protect a small town from a ruthless industrialist.

Bomer has also made several appearances on television shows such as “Chuck,” “American Horror Story,” and “Glee.” In “American Horror Story: Hotel,” he played the role of Donovan, a former drug-addicted model who becomes entangled with Lady Gaga’s vampire character.

Overall, Bomer’s performances are marked by his ability to bring depth and nuance to his characters, making them both relatable and memorable. His dynamic range of acting skills makes him a sought-after performer in Hollywood, and his dedicated fan base eagerly anticipates his next project.

Matt Bomer Movies and TVshows

Year Title Role Notes
2000 All My Children Ben Hollander Soap opera
2002–2003 Guiding Light Ben Hollander Soap opera
2003–2004 Tru Calling Lucas Scott Supernatural series
2005 Flightplan Keith Ramsey Thriller
2006 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning Eric Matthews Horror
2007 Traveler Grant MacLaren Drama series
2009–2014 White Collar Neal Caffrey Crime drama
2011 In Time Trevor Sci-fi thriller
2012 Magic Mike Ken Comedy-drama
2015 Magic Mike XXL Ken Comedy-drama
2016 The Nice Guys John Boy Neo-noir action comedy
2016 The Magnificent Seven Teddy Daniels Western action film
2017 Walking Out Cal Drama
2017 Anything Rayon Drama
2018 American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace David Madson Anthology series
2018 The Boys in the Band Donald “Don” Merrick Revival of Broadway play
2021 The Boys in the Band Donald “Don” Merrick Film adaptation of Broadway play
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What is Matt Bomer famous for?

Matt Bomer is famous for his roles in the television shows White Collar and American Horror Story, as well as the films The Normal Heart and The Boys in the Band. He is also known for his Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice Television Award wins.

Who is Matt Bomer husband?

Matt Bomer’s husband is Simon Halls, a publicist. They have been married since 2011 and have three children together.

Is Matt Bomer related to Henry Cavill?

Matt Bomer and Henry Cavill are not related. They do share some similarities, such as their good looks and their success in Hollywood. However, they are not actually related.

Is Matt Bomer still married?

Yes, Matt Bomer is still married to Simon Halls. They have been married for over 10 years and are still very much in love.

Why did White Collar end?

White Collar ended after six seasons in 2014. The show’s creator, Jeff Eastin, said that he felt the show had run its course and that it was time to end it on a high note.

How much did Matt Bomer make on White Collar?

Matt Bomer reportedly made $125,000 per episode of White Collar. This made him one of the highest-paid actors on television at the time.

What is the age difference between Matt Bomer and his husband?

Matt Bomer is 45 years old and his husband, Simon Halls, is 52 years old. This means that there is a seven-year age difference between them.

Who did Matt Bomer have kids with?

Matt Bomer has three children with his husband, Simon Halls. Their names are Kit, Walker, and Henry.

When did White Collar end?

White Collar ended on June 18, 2014. The show’s final episode aired on USA Network.

How old was Matt Bomer in White Collar?

Matt Bomer was 32 years old when White Collar premiered in 2009. He was 38 years old when the show ended in 2014.

Who is the biological father of Matt Bomer?

Matt Bomer’s biological father is John Bomer. He is a former flight attendant and businessman.

Who did Matt Bomer play in glee?

Matt Bomer played the character of Blaine Anderson in Glee. He appeared in the show’s third and fourth seasons.

Why is it called white-collar?

The term “white-collar” refers to crimes committed by people of high social status, such as embezzlement, fraud, and insider trading. These crimes are often committed in a professional setting, hence the term “white-collar.”

Why is white-collar so good?

White Collar is a good show because it is well-written, funny, and suspenseful. The characters are likable and the plot is engaging. The show also does a good job of depicting the world of white-collar crime.

Is white-collar worth watching?

Yes, White Collar is worth watching. It is a well-made show with a lot to offer. If you are a fan of crime dramas or just good television, then you should definitely check it out.

Who replaced Reese on White Collar?

After Reese left White Collar in season 5, he was replaced by Agent Clinton Jones, played by Sharif Atkins. Jones was a former FBI agent who was recruited by Peter Burke to help him catch Neal Caffrey.

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Who does Neal Caffrey end up with?

Neal Caffrey ends up with Elizabeth Burke, Peter Burke’s wife. They get married in the show’s final episode.

Why did Reese leave White Collar?

It is unclear why Reese left White Collar. Some fans believe that he left because he was unhappy with the direction of the show. Others believe that he left because he wanted to pursue other opportunities.

What is the concept of white-collar?

The concept of white-collar crime refers to crimes committed by people of high social status, such as embezzlement, fraud, and insider trading. These crimes are often committed in a professional setting, hence the term “white-collar.”

Is white-collar as good as suits?

White Collar and Suits are both crime dramas that focus on white-collar crime. However, they are different in several ways.

Is white-collar as good as suits?

White Collar and Suits are both crime dramas that focus on white-collar crime. However, they are different in several ways. White Collar is more lighthearted and comedic, while Suits is more serious and dramatic. White Collar also has a more serialized plot, while Suits is more episodic. Ultimately, which show is better is a matter of personal preference.

What is real reason of white-collar crime?

There are many reasons why people commit white-collar crime. Some people do it for financial gain, while others do it for power or prestige. Some people commit white-collar crime because they feel they are not being rewarded fairly for their work, while others do it because they simply enjoy the challenge.

Is white-collar outdated?

The term “white-collar” is sometimes seen as outdated, as it refers to a traditional view of the workplace that is no longer accurate. However, the concept of white-collar crime is still very relevant today. White-collar crime is a major problem in the world, and it is important to understand how it works in order to prevent it.

Is the FBI white-collar?

The FBI’s White-Collar Crime Division is responsible for investigating and prosecuting white-collar crime. The division has a wide range of expertise, and it is able to investigate complex cases involving fraud, embezzlement, insider trading, and other types of white-collar crime.

What do collar colors mean?

The term “collar colors” refers to the different types of jobs that people do. White-collar jobs are those that are typically done in an office setting, and they often require a college degree. Blue-collar jobs are those that are typically done in a manual labor setting, and they often do not require a college degree.

Who was the most talented on Glee?

There are many talented actors who appeared on Glee, but some of the most talented include Lea Michele, Darren Criss, and Naya Rivera. These actors were all able to sing, dance, and act, and they brought their characters to life in a way that made them very memorable.

Who is the funny girl in Glee?

There are many funny girls who appeared on Glee, but some of the funniest include Jane Lynch, Heather Morris, and Naya Rivera. These actresses were all able to deliver their lines with a great deal of wit and humor, and they made the show a lot more fun to watch.

Was Finn Eilish in Glee?

No, Finn Eilish was not in Glee. Billie Eilish is a singer who was born in 2001, and Glee ended in 2015. Therefore, it would have been impossible for her to be in the show.

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