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Maine Mass Shooter Robert Card Found Dead by Self-Inflicted Gunshot

The focus has shifted towards the victims in the aftermath of the tragic mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine, where 18 people lost their lives and 13 were injured.

The suspect, Robert Card, was found dead, putting an end to a two-day statewide manhunt.

A family assistance center for the shooting victims in Lewiston, Maine, is set to open, providing essential support and assistance to those affected.

This center, located at the Lewiston Armory on Central Avenue, will serve as a vital resource for the community.

Maine’s resident hunting season, which was initially restricted in Bowdoin, Lewiston, Lisbon, and Monmouth for public safety during the manhunt, will now proceed as scheduled without restrictions, following the news of the gunman’s demise.

Maine State Police and other public safety officials have scheduled a press conference for 10 a.m. on Saturday to provide further details about the discovery of Robert Card’s body and the ongoing investigation into the mass shootings.

Maine Governor Janet Mills confirmed the discovery of Robert Card’s body in Lisbon and expressed the need for healing and closure for the victims and their families. She hopes that this marks the beginning of a long process of recovery for Lewiston and the state of Maine.

Law enforcement sources have confirmed that Robert Card’s remains were found in a dumpster at Maine Recycling, concluding a grim chapter in the manhunt.

The Boston Celtics paid tribute to the victims of the mass shootings in Lewiston, Maine, by wearing the warmups of their NBA G League affiliate, the Maine Celtics, during their home opener.

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The victims of the mass shooting have been identified, and the general shelter-in-place order has been lifted in most areas, although hunting remains prohibited in specific towns for safety reasons.

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife announced that hunting will be prohibited in Bowdoin, Lewiston, Lisbon, and Monmouth to assist law enforcement and ensure public safety.

Maine’s Office of Chief Medical Examiner has identified all 18 victims of the mass shootings in Lewiston.

The list of the 18 victims killed in Wednesday’s mass shooting:

  1. Ronald G. Morin, 55
  2. Peyton Brewer Ross, 40
  3. Joshua A. Seal, 36
  4. Bryan M. MacFarlane, 41
  5. Joseph Lawrence Walker, 57
  6. Arthur Fred Strout, 42
  7. Maxx A. Hathaway, 35
  8. Stephen M. Vozzella, 45
  9. Thomas Ryan Conrad, 34
  10. Michael R. Deslauriers II, 51
  11. Jason Adam Walker, 51
  12. Tricia C. Asselin, 53
  13. William A. Young, 44
  14. Aaron Young, 14
  15. Robert E. Violette, 76
  16. Lucille M. Violette, 73
  17. William Frank Brackett, 48
  18. Keith D. Macneir, 64

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick expressed his condolences and support for the Lewiston community affected by the tragic events.

As Maine’s deer hunting season approaches, there are ongoing discussions about how it will proceed amidst the search for the mass shooter. Safety precautions are a top priority during this time.

Law enforcement agencies are continually evaluating the need for shelter-in-place orders in various communities, considering the balance between public safety and potential negative impacts on families.

The FBI’s Boston office has requested digital tips and information related to the Lewiston mass shootings to aid in the ongoing investigation.

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Police are in the final stages of processing the crime scenes from the two mass shootings in Lewiston. Divers will search parts of the Androscoggin River, and helicopters will survey the area near Lisbon Falls boat launch for potential bodies and evidence.

Due to the ongoing investigation, the DEA has canceled its fall drug takeback event in Maine, recognizing the need for law enforcement to stay focused on the case.

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