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Mae Whitman Movies and TV shows

Discover the best Mae Whitman movies and TV shows with our top picks. From her breakout role in “Arrested Development” to her voice acting in “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” explore Mae Whitman’s impressive career in film and television.

Mae Whitman Movies and TV shows

Mae Whitman Movies and TV shows

Mae Whitman is a talented American actress with a career spanning over two decades. She began her acting career at the age of 6 and has since become a familiar face in both television and film.

Some of Mae’s most notable roles include her portrayal of Ann Veal in “Arrested Development,” her voice acting as Katara in “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” and her role as Amber Holt in the critically acclaimed drama “Parenthood.”

Mae has also appeared in numerous films such as “The Duff,” “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,” and “Independence Day: Resurgence.” Her performances have earned her both critical acclaim and a loyal fanbase.

In addition to her acting career, Mae is also an accomplished voice actor, having lent her voice to characters in popular animated shows such as “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and “DC Super Hero Girls.”

Overall, Mae Whitman is a versatile and talented actress who continues to captivate audiences with her performances on both the big and small screen.

Mae Whitman Movies and TV shows

Year Title Role Notes
1999 Independence Day Young Jessica Whitman’s film debut.
2000 Hope Floats Bernice Whitman played the younger version of Sandra Bullock’s character.
2001 Because of Winn-Dixie Winn-Dixie Whitman won the Young Artist Award for Best Leading Young Actress in a Feature Film for her performance in this film.
2002 The Little Rascals Save the Day Darla Whitman reprised her role as Darla from the 1994 film The Little Rascals.
2004 Stateside Mary Whitman starred in this independent film about a young woman who returns home from Iraq to find that her family has been torn apart.
2005 Because I Said So Maggie Whitman played the younger version of Diane Keaton’s character.
2006 The Perks of Being a Wallflower Sam Whitman starred in this coming-of-age film about a shy high school student who befriends two seniors.
2007 The Air I Breathe Zoey Whitman starred in this drama about three friends who are dealing with the death of their friend.
2008 Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Ramona Flowers Whitman played one of the main love interests in this cult classic film.
2010 The Green Hornet Lenore Case Whitman played the love interest of Seth Rogen’s character in this superhero film.
2011 The Perks of Being a Wallflower (TV series) Sam Whitman reprised her role from the film in this short-lived TV series.
2012 The Killing Bullet Whitman appeared in two episodes of this crime drama series.
2013 Parenthood Amber Holt Whitman starred in this family drama series for six seasons.
2014 Bad Teacher Meredith Whitman played one of the teachers in this comedy film.
2015 The Duff Bianca Piper Whitman starred in this teen comedy film about a high school girl who discovers that she is the “Duff” (designated ugly friend).
2016 Good Girls Revolt Nancy Fish Whitman starred in this historical drama series about women working as researchers for a major newsmagazine in the 1960s.
2017 This Is Us Zoe Whitman appeared in two episodes of this drama series.
2018 BoJack Horseman (voice) Diane Nguyen Whitman has voiced Diane Nguyen in this animated comedy series since 2014.
2019 The Good Doctor Lea Dilallo Whitman has starred in this medical drama series since 2017.
2020 The Binge Becky Something Whitman starred in this comedy film about a group of friends who go on a wild adventure after taking a new drug.
2021 The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window Anna Whitman starred in this dark comedy series about a woman who believes she witnessed a murder.
2022 The Dropout Lizzie Holmes Whitman starred in this limited series about the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of Theranos.
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What is Mae Whitman best known for?

Mae Whitman is best known for her roles in the films Independence Day, Hope Floats, Because of Winn-Dixie, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and The Duff. She has also starred in the television series Arrested Development, Parenthood, Good Girls, and The Good Doctor.

Was Mae Whitman in Grey’s Anatomy?

Yes, Mae Whitman guest-starred in two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy in 2008. She played the character of Heather Brooks, a medical student who is later killed in a car accident.

Does Mae Whitman have a child?

Yes, Mae Whitman has one child. She gave birth to a daughter, named Pearl, in 2021.

How old was Mae Whitman when she voiced Katara?

Mae Whitman was 16 years old when she voiced Katara in the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender.

How old was Bella Thorne in the Duff?

Bella Thorne was 17 years old when she starred in the film The Duff.

What literary collection is Whitman most known for?

Walt Whitman is most known for his collection of poems, Leaves of Grass.

Who is Taylor Swift’s favorite GREY’s anatomy character?

Taylor Swift’s favorite GREY’s Anatomy character is Meredith Grey.

Who was Millie Bobby Brown in GREY’s anatomy?

Millie Bobby Brown guest-starred in one episode of GREY’s Anatomy in 2017. She played the character of Ruby, a young girl who is diagnosed with cancer.

Who is the lady always in surgery on GREY’s anatomy?

The lady who is always in surgery on GREY’s Anatomy is Dr. Arizona Robbins. She is a pediatric surgeon who is known for her calm and collected demeanor in the OR.

Did Whitman have a wife?

No, Walt Whitman never married. He was in a long-term relationship with Peter Doyle, but they never married.

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How old was Narcissa Whitman when she died?

Narcissa Whitman was 34 years old when she died. She was killed by a group of Native Americans in 1847.

Who does Mae Whitman play in Family Guy?

Mae Whitman voices the character of Meg Griffin in the animated series Family Guy.

How many kids did Aang and Katara have?

Aang and Katara had three children: Bumi, Kya, and Tenzin.

Who is the oldest anime voice actor?

The oldest anime voice actor is Michiko Neya. She is 83 years old and has been voicing anime characters since the 1960s.

Who is Katara in real life?

There is no Katara in real life. She is a fictional character from the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Who was Whitman’s lover?

Walt Whitman’s lover was Peter Doyle. They were in a long-term relationship, but they never married.

Is Walt Whitman a dark romantic?

No, Walt Whitman is not a dark romantic. He is considered to be a transcendentalist, which means that he believed in the importance of nature and the individual.

What was the name of Whitman’s lover?

The name of Walt Whitman’s lover was Peter Doyle. They were in a long-term relationship, but they never married.

Who does Taylor Swift voice in Family Guy?

Taylor Swift does not voice any characters in Family Guy.

Who did Tom Cruise voice in Family Guy?

Tom Cruise did not voice any characters in Family Guy.

Is Glen in love with Lois?

Glen Quagmire is in love with Lois Griffin, but she does not return his feelings.

How old was Mae Whitman in the Duff?

Mae Whitman was 27 years old when she starred in the film The Duff.

Who is the daughter of the president in Independence Day?

The daughter of the president in Independence Day is Patricia Whitmore. She is played by Mae Whitman.

Does Mae Whitman have endometriosis?

Mae Whitman does not have endometriosis. She has spoken out about her struggles with anxiety and depression, but she has not revealed any other health conditions.

Is Maggie Meredith’s half sister?

Yes, Maggie and Meredith are half sisters. They share the same father, Thatcher Grey, but they have different mothers. Maggie’s mother is Ellis Grey, and Meredith’s mother is Adele Webber.

Has any character been in every episode of GREY’s anatomy?

No, no character has been in every episode of GREY’s Anatomy. The closest any character has come is Ellen Pompeo, who plays Meredith Grey. She has appeared in 391 of the 392 episodes.

Who was George Clooney in GREY’s?

George Clooney played Dr. Doug Ross in the first five seasons of GREY’s Anatomy. He was a popular character, but he left the show in order to pursue other projects.

Who were Dr Whitman and his wife Narcissa?

Dr. Whitman and his wife Narcissa were real people. They were missionaries who were killed by a group of Native Americans in 1847. Their story is the basis for the book Narcissa Whitman: A Voice in the Wilderness by Sally Denton.

How much does Mae Whitman make?

Mae Whitman’s salary is not publicly known. However, she is a successful actress and voice actress, so she likely makes a good living.

What happened to the Whitman family?

The Whitman family was a prominent family in the early American West. They were pioneers who helped to settle the Oregon Territory. However, they suffered a tragic loss when Dr. Whitman and his wife Narcissa were killed by a group of Native Americans in 1847. Their story is a reminder of the hardships that early settlers faced.

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