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Kitui Teachers Sacco Membership Eligibility and Requirements

This article centers on the eligibility criteria and requirements for becoming a member of Kitui Teachers Sacco. Founded in 1976 by 11 members with the primary objective of providing a platform for saving and borrowing funds, Kitui Teachers Sacco has grown into a prominent financial institution serving its members’ diverse needs.

Over the years, Sacco has undergone transformations in its membership policies. Initially exclusive to teachers under government employment, Kitui Teachers Sacco expanded its common bond in 2008, welcoming employees from various government ministries and organizations.

Today, the Sacco boasts an impressive membership base of over 20,000 active members and an asset base of 7.68 billion.

Kitui Teachers Sacco Membership Eligibility

Membership at Kitui Teachers Sacco is open to all individuals meeting the following criteria:

  • Age: Prospective members must be at least 18 years old to be eligible for membership.
  • Employment Status: The Sacco is open to teachers and employees of the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), civil servants, salaried employees, and members of the business community.
  • Spouse or Child of a Member: The spouse or child of any eligible individual is also eligible for membership provided they are 18 years of age or older.

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Kitui Teachers Sacco Membership Requirements

Individual Membership

To become an individual member of Kitui Teachers Sacco, interested individuals must:

  1. Meet the Age and Income Criteria: Prospective members must be at least 18 years old and have a steady income.
  2. Complete Membership Application: Applicants need to fill out the membership application form, which can be obtained from Sacco’s official website.
  3. Provide Identification Documents: Attach a copy of a valid Kenyan National ID or passport and a colored passport-size photograph.
  4. Pay the Entrance Fee: An entrance fee of Kshs 1,000 is required upon application.
  5. FOSA Account Opening: Individual members must open a FOSA (Front Office Service Activity) account with Sacco.
  6. Minimum Share Capital: Members must contribute a minimum share capital of Kshs 10,000 to establish their ownership stake in the cooperative.
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Group Membership

For group membership, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Complete Group Membership Application: Obtain and fill out the group membership application form, accessible from Sacco’s website.
  2. Provide Group Meeting Minutes: Attach minutes of the group’s meeting, resolving to join Kitui Teachers Sacco.
  3. Submit Authorized Signatories Information: Attach copies of identification documents (ID or passport) and photographs of the group’s authorized signatories.
  4. Group Registration Certificate: Provide a copy of the group’s registration certificate.

Membership Benefits

Kitui Teachers Sacco offers a host of benefits to its members, including:

  • Multiple Loans: Members can have more than two loans simultaneously, provided they have the ability to repay.
  • Favorable Interest Rates: The Sacco provides competitive interest rates on loans.
  • High Dividends and Interest: Members can enjoy high annual dividends and interest on deposits.
  • Reducing Balance Loans: The Sacco offers loans on a reducing balance basis, easing the loan repayment burden.
  • Loan Clearance Assistance: Kitui Teachers Sacco facilitates loan clearance on behalf of its members.
  • Instant M-Kitui Teachers Sacco FOSA Loans: The Sacco offers swift and convenient access to FOSA loans.

Membership Withdrawal

Membership withdrawal from Kitui Teachers Sacco is voluntary. Members must notify Sacco in writing of their intention to withdraw.

The process requires a written and signed letter, along with the necessary withdrawal forms available at Sacco’s office.

The withdrawal process takes approximately 30 days from the date of acknowledgment of the letter, provided all requirements have been met, and the member has cleared all liabilities with the Sacco.

Kitui Teachers Sacco Contacts

For more information or inquiries, individuals can reach out to KTS through the following contact details:

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Head Office: Kitui Teachers Sacco Plaza, Along Kalundu Road, Kitui Town.

Phone: 020 801 4596 / 0775 383 227.


Kitui Teachers Sacco stands as a reliable and inclusive financial partner, offering a wide array of services to its diverse membership.

By fostering financial empowerment and supporting its members’ financial goals, the Sacco continues to play a vital role in the economic development and prosperity of the region.

Through its cooperative values and commitment to member welfare, KTS remains dedicated to nurturing financial growth and stability for all.


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