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Jonathan Brandis Movies and TV shows

Explore the captivating world of Jonathan Brandis movies and TV shows. From iconic ’90s classics to thrilling dramas, discover his memorable performances. Watch now!

Jonathan Brandis Movies and TV shows

Jonathan Brandis Movies and TV shows

Jonathan Brandis was an American actor who appeared in a variety of movies and TV shows throughout his career. He is best known for his roles as Kevin Buchanan on the soap opera One Life to Live, Lucas Wolenczak in the science fiction series SeaQuest 2032, and Bill Denbrough in the Stephen King miniseries It.

Other notable credits include the films Ladybugs, Sidekicks, The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter, and Hart’s War.

Brandis also voiced the character of Mozenrath in the Disney animated series Aladdin. He died by suicide in 2003 at the age of 27.

Jonathan Brandis Movies and TV shows

Year Title Role Notes
1982 One Life to Live Kevin Buchanan Soap opera
1989 The NeverEnding Story Bastian Bux Voice actor
1990 It Bill Denbrough Miniseries
1990 Sidekicks Eric Qualen Action comedy
1992 Ladybugs Jesse Aarons Sports comedy
1993 SeaQuest 2032 Lucas Wolenczak Science fiction series
1994 Hart’s War Pvt. Lewis P. Wakely War drama
1995 Outside Providence Mousy Comedy
1999 Ride with the Devil Cave Wyatt Western
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What is Jonathan Brandis known for?

Jonathan Brandis was known for his roles in the soap opera One Life to Live, the science fiction series SeaQuest 2032, and the Stephen King miniseries It. He also starred in the films Ladybugs, Sidekicks, and The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter.

How old was Jonathan Brandis when he died?

Jonathan Brandis died on November 12, 2003, at the age of 27. He committed suicide by hanging himself.

What happened to Jonathan Brandis’ career?

Brandis’ career began to decline in the late 1990s. He struggled to find substantial roles after SeaQuest 2032 was cancelled in 1996. He also reportedly struggled with drug and alcohol addiction.

Who was friends with Jonathan Brandis?

Brandis was friends with many actors, including Tatyana Ali, Rider Strong, and Sean Astin. He was also friends with the late River Phoenix.

How old was Jonathan Brandis when he started acting?

Brandis started acting at the age of 5. He appeared in several television commercials before landing his first major role on One Life to Live.

Is Jonathan Brandis in Full House?

No, Jonathan Brandis is not in Full House. However, he did appear in an episode of the spin-off series, Fuller House.

How tall is Jonathan Brandis?

Jonathan Brandis was 6 feet tall.

How old was River Phoenix when he died?

River Phoenix died on October 31, 1993, at the age of 23. He overdosed on a combination of drugs, including heroin and cocaine.

How old was Jonathan Brandis when he was in ladybugs?

Jonathan Brandis was 16 years old when he starred in Ladybugs.

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How long did Tatyana Ali and Jonathan Brandis date?

Tatyana Ali and Jonathan Brandis dated for three years, from 1991 to 1994.

Where did Jonathan Brandis live?

Jonathan Brandis lived in Los Angeles, California.

Who looks like Jonathan Brandis?

Some actors who look like Jonathan Brandis include Ryan Gosling, Zac Efron, and Dylan Minnette.

Did Jonathan Brandis audition for Star Wars?

Yes, Jonathan Brandis auditioned for the role of Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones. He lost out to Hayden Christensen.

Who does DJ marry in Full House?

DJ Tanner marries Steve Hale in the Full House series finale.

What episode does DJ get a boyfriend?

DJ Tanner gets a boyfriend in the first episode of Full House. His name is Kimmy Gibbler.

Was Full House recorded in a real house?

Yes, Full House was recorded in a real house. The house is located in San Francisco, California.

How much was Jonathan Brandis worth when he died?

Jonathan Brandis’ net worth was estimated to be $1 million at the time of his death.

Who was River Phoenix’s best friend?

River Phoenix’s best friend was Flea, the bassist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

What movie was River Phoenix doing when he died?

River Phoenix was filming the movie Dark Blood when he died.

Does The Viper Room still exist?

Yes, The Viper Room still exists. It is a nightclub in Los Angeles, California.

Why is D.J.’s last name Fuller?

D.J.’s last name is Fuller because she is adopted. Her biological parents are Pam and Danny Tanner.

Why do Steve and D.J. break up?

Steve and D.J. break up because they want different things in life. Steve wants to travel the world, while D.J. wants to settle down and have a family.

Does DJ Tanner get pregnant in Full House?

No, DJ Tanner does not get pregnant in Full House. However, she does get pregnant in the Fuller House spin-off series.

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