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Joe Jonas Poops on Himself in White Pants Mid-Show

Joe Jonas has revealed that he once pooped himself on stage while wearing white pants.

The Jonas Brothers singer made the confession during a recent radio interview, saying that it was “a bad day to choose to wear white clothing.”

Jonas said that the incident happened about four years ago, during a concert on the Jonas Brothers’ Happiness Begins Tour.

He was performing the song “Sucker” when he felt a “little toot” that turned out to be a little more than that.

“So it was like a mid-wardrobe shit change during the set,” Jonas said.

“I had to go to the bathroom and change my pants.”

Joe Jonas Poops on Himself in White Pants Mid-Show
Joe Jonas Poops on Himself in White Pants Mid-Show

Jonas said that he was worried that the audience would notice what had happened, but he doesn’t think anyone was the wiser.

“It was all in my head,” he said. “It wasn’t as big of a deal as I thought.”

Jonas’s confession has been met with a mix of reactions from fans.

Some have found it hilarious, while others have expressed sympathy for the singer.

Joe Jonas Poops on Himself in White Pants Mid-Show

“I’m glad he’s able to laugh about it now,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “That would have been so embarrassing.”

“I’ve definitely had my own ‘Joe Jonas moment,'” wrote another fan. “It’s good to know that even celebrities have accidents.”

Jonas himself has taken the incident in stride. He has joked that he needed “a lot of therapy” to get over it, but he now sees it as a funny story to share with his fans.

“Such is life,” he said. “It has happened to many artists.”

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So there you have it, the story of how Joe Jonas pooped his pants on stage.

It’s a reminder that even celebrities are human, and that accidents happen.

But it’s also a reminder that we can all laugh at ourselves, even when we’re at our most embarrassing.

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