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Huw Edwards: BBC Presenter who bought explicit Images from A teenager Revealed

Vicky Flind, the wife of newsreader Huw Edwards, has revealed that her husband is the BBC presenter who has been suspended following allegations of paying for sexually explicit images.

Flind stated that her husband is currently undergoing inpatient hospital care due to serious mental health issues.

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The Metropolitan police concluded their inquiries into the case and stated that there was no evidence of a criminal offence committed by Edwards.

The Sun had accused Edwards of paying a young individual for explicit photos when they were 17, which could potentially be a serious criminal offense. However, the police found no evidence to support this allegation.

Huw Edwards named as BBC presenter facing allegations
Huw Edwards named as BBC presenter facing allegations

Vicky Flind, who shares five children with Edwards, released a statement on behalf of her husband, expressing concern for his mental wellbeing and privacy.

Flind mentioned that Edwards intends to respond to the published stories once he is well enough to do so.

She requested privacy for their family and everyone involved in these distressing events. The police spokesperson confirmed that no criminal offence had taken place but stated that if any evidence of wrongdoing emerged, it would be referred to the relevant authorities.

The BBC acknowledged the police’s confirmation that no further action was being taken and expressed gratitude for their swift assessment.

The BBC will now resume its fact-finding investigations while ensuring due process and maintaining their duty of care to all parties involved.

Vicky Flind Statement on Huw Edwards Case

Ladies and gentlemen,

Thank you for being here today as I address recent events that have deeply affected my family. I stand before you as Vicky Flind, the wife of newsreader Huw Edwards, to shed light on the situation surrounding my husband, who has been identified as the BBC presenter currently under suspension amidst allegations of paying for sexually explicit images.

First and foremost, I want to emphasize that my husband is currently grappling with severe mental health issues. He is presently receiving inpatient hospital care and will remain there for the foreseeable future. These circumstances have brought immense difficulty upon our family and have exacerbated his condition.

It is important to note that the Metropolitan police, after thorough investigation, has stated that there is no evidence indicating that Huw Edwards committed a criminal offense. Consequently, they have concluded their inquiries into this matter.

The allegations put forward by The Sun claimed that Huw had paid a young individual for explicit photos, allegedly starting when that person was 17 years old. Such actions, if proven true, would constitute a serious criminal offense. However, the police have determined that there is no evidence to support these accusations.

In light of the recent media reporting surrounding the “BBC presenter,” I am speaking on behalf of my husband today. Our family has endured five extremely trying days, and my primary motivation for making this statement is to express concern for Huw’s mental wellbeing and to safeguard the welfare of our children.

Huw has been battling severe mental health issues, a fact that is well-documented. He has received treatment for severe depression in recent years. Unfortunately, the events of the past few days have exacerbated his condition, leading to another serious episode and necessitating his current inpatient hospital care, where he will remain until his recovery.

Once Huw regains stability and strength, he intends to respond to the stories that have been published. It is crucial to clarify that he was first informed about the allegations last Thursday.

Given the circumstances and Huw’s condition, I kindly request that the privacy of my family and all those affected by these distressing events be respected. I want to emphasize that Huw deeply regrets the impact this recent media speculation has had on his colleagues. We hope that this statement will put an end to further speculation and allow us to focus on healing as a family.

A police spokesperson has confirmed that they have found no case to answer. Detectives from the Metropolitan Police’s specialist crime command conducted a comprehensive assessment and determined that there is no information suggesting any criminal offense has been committed.

During their assessment, the police engaged with various parties, including the BBC, the alleged complainant, and the complainant’s family through another police force. As a result, no further police action will be taken. The Metropolitan Police has advised the BBC that it may proceed with its internal investigation.

We are aware of additional allegations against the same individual being reported in the media. However, we have not received any specific details or information about these allegations. Consequently, there is no police action at this time. Should any evidence of criminality or safeguarding concerns arise, we expect the matter to be referred to the appropriate police force.

The BBC acknowledges the police’s statement confirming the completion of their assessment without further action. We express our gratitude to the police for their expeditious work. Previously, the police had requested that we pause our fact-finding investigations. Now, we will move forward with our internal investigation, ensuring due process and conducting a thorough assessment of the facts while remaining mindful of our duty of care to all those involved.

Thank you for your understanding and support during this challenging time.

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