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How to Get Wafers in Fortnite Save the World

Fortnite Save the World offers players an exciting cooperative gaming experience where you team up with friends to defend against waves of husks and monsters.

To succeed in this thrilling game mode, you need to gather resources and craft powerful weapons, traps, and gadgets.

One essential resource is Wafers, used for crafting various items and upgrading schematics. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get Wafers in Fortnite Save the World.

How to get wafers in Save the world

how to get wafers in save the world
how to get wafers in save the world

1. Complete Missions and Quests

One of the primary ways to earn Wafers in Save the World is by completing missions and quests. Throughout your adventure, you’ll encounter various missions and quests that reward you with different resources, including Wafers. Pay attention to the objectives and rewards of each mission to know where to focus your efforts.

2. Break Toolboxes and Containers

As you explore the game’s maps, you’ll come across toolboxes, crates, and containers scattered around. These containers often contain valuable resources, including Wafers. Smash them open with your harvesting tool to collect the loot inside. Keep an eye out for these containers while you’re on a mission.

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3. Search for Hidden Chests

While exploring the maps, be on the lookout for hidden chests tucked away in corners, caves, and buildings. These chests can contain a variety of resources, including Wafers. Don’t hesitate to explore the nooks and crannies of each map to find these hidden treasures.

4. Complete Storm Chests

Storm Chests are special encounters that spawn during missions. When you locate one, a timer starts, and you must defeat a group of husks within the given time limit. Successfully completing a Storm Chest will reward you with a variety of resources, including Wafers. Keep an eye out for these challenges and coordinate with your team to tackle them efficiently.

5. Harvest Mechanical Parts

Mechanical Parts are a common crafting resource in Save the World, and they can be recycled into other materials, including Wafers. As you play, make sure to harvest mechanical objects, such as cars, kitchen appliances, and other machinery. These objects often yield Mechanical Parts, which can be converted into Wafers at your home base’s recycling station.

6. Recycle Unwanted Schematics

As you progress in the game, you’ll accumulate schematics for weapons, traps, and gadgets. Some of these schematics you may no longer need or want. Instead of letting them collect dust, recycle them at your home base’s recycling station. This process will grant you various resources, including Wafers, which you can put to better use.

7. Complete Expeditions

Expeditions are missions you send your heroes on while you’re not actively playing. These missions can yield a variety of rewards, including Wafers. Send your heroes on expeditions regularly to maximize your resource gains.

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Is Save the World free to play?

No, Save the World is not free to play. It is a paid game that can be purchased from the Epic Games Store.

Is Save the World only on PC?

No, Save the World is also available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Mac.

Was Save the World removed?

Yes, Save the World was removed from the free-to-play version of Fortnite in December 2021. It is now a standalone game that must be purchased separately.

How to buy Save the World?

You can buy Save the World from the Epic Games Store. The game costs $39.99.

Is Save the World free on mobile?

No, Save the World is not free on mobile. It is available for purchase on iOS and Android devices.

Can you play Save the World on mobile?

Yes, you can play Save the World on mobile devices. However, the game is not optimized for mobile devices and may not run smoothly.


In conclusion, gathering Wafers in Fortnite Save the World is essential for crafting and upgrading your arsenal.

By completing missions and quests, smashing containers, exploring maps, and strategically recycling unwanted schematics and materials, you’ll amass a healthy supply of Wafers to bolster your defenses and take on the husk hordes with confidence.

So, gear up, team up, and get ready to save the world!

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