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Hero Lyrics by Alan Walker & Sasha Alex Sloan

This article has a whole new trending Hero Lyrics song sung by Alan Walker featuring Sasha Alex Sloan.

Hero Lyrics

Been here before, it’s in my muscle memory
I’m pretty sure, I recognize you
There is something in your eyes
Won’t let you get away tonight
You leave me in the dark
I’m stumbling around like I’m a question mark
Wondering if you’re around to catch me if I fall
If I come crashing to the wall

[Chorus] Will you light me up, jumpstart my heart?
I need someone, before the sun goes down
Who’s gonna save me now?
Some kind of hero
I can’t breathe
Hoping you’re here to rescue me
Before the sun goes down
Who’s gonna save me now?
Some kind of hero [Drop] [Verse 2] Been here before, it’s in my muscle memory
I’m pretty sure I felt this energy
There’s something in your touch
Something reminded me of us

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