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Graphic: Headless Child’s Body Found on a Beach

Just a day after the Parish Police chief managed to trace a missing 9-month-girl that had been missing, another headless body of a child has been found.

Police Launch Investigation into Gruesome Discovery of Headless Child’s Body on Spanish Beach

In a shocking and distressing incident that unfolded on a Spanish beach, authorities are currently conducting a thorough investigation. The body of a young child, tragically missing its head and other body parts, was discovered early this morning in the Costa Dorada resort area of Roda de Bera. This popular tourist destination is situated in the province of Tarragona on the east coast of Spain.

headless body of a child found
headless body of a child found| Image-SUN

The grim discovery was made by a diligent council cleaner who immediately reported it to his superiors. The local authorities were promptly alerted, and law enforcement agencies, including the police, swiftly became involved. The child’s remains, believed to be between two and three years old, were found washed up on the beach, ruling out the possibility of drowning at sea.

Response to the Discovery of Headless Child’s Body

In responding to the incident, Civil Guard officers have established a perimeter around the area. Their primary concern is ensuring the safety and well-being of the locals and holidaymakers present, who are being relocated as the investigation progresses. The removal of the child’s body from the scene of the crime is pending authorization from an investigating judge.

Speculation surrounding the origin of the child has begun to surface, with some suggesting a potential connection to a refugee boat that may have capsized in the Mediterranean. Roda de Bera Mayor Pere Virgili mentioned this possibility to the local press, although no concrete evidence has been presented thus far. In response, the town hall issued a tweet urging the public to avoid the area and informing them about the unsettling discovery.

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Roda de Bera, located approximately a 25-minute drive south of Tarragona, is a picturesque coastal town frequented by tourists. It boasts beautiful beaches and serves as a popular summer getaway. The cosmopolitan city of Barcelona is also within proximity, situated just over an hour’s drive to the north.

As the investigation unfolds, the Civil Guard remains at the forefront of inquiries. However, at this stage, official comments regarding the case have not been released to the public. The ongoing investigation and the community’s response continue to evolve, leaving many anxiously awaiting further updates.

The tragic incident has sent shockwaves through the local community and highlighted the urgent need for answers. Authorities are working diligently to identify the child and determine the circumstances surrounding this horrific event. As the investigation progresses, law enforcement agencies will undoubtedly leave no stone unturned in their quest for justice and closure.

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