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Exclusive: This is Why Police have Cordoned off Ross Parking Lot

Bell Gardens, CA – The Bell Gardens Police Department has cordoned off the Ross Parking Lot on Atlantic Boulevard. Police are asking residents to avoid the area until further notice.

Why Police have Cordoned off Ross Parking Lot

The parking lot was cordoned off on Saturday, July 29, 2023, after police received a report of a suspicious package. The package was found in the parking lot near the entrance to the store.

Police have not released any information about the contents of the package or what led them to believe it was suspicious. However, they have asked residents to avoid the area as a precaution.

When law enforcement agencies encounter suspicious packages, they often prioritize public safety. In this case, as a precautionary measure, the police have advised residents to avoid the area where the package was found. This advisory aims to minimize potential risks and ensure the safety of nearby individuals.

Safety Measures

Bell Gardens Police Cordon Off Ross Parking Lot, Ask Residents to Avoid Area
Bell Gardens Police Cordon Off Ross Parking Lot, Ask Residents to Avoid Area

Law enforcement agencies typically follow established protocols when dealing with suspicious packages. These protocols involve assessing various factors such as the appearance, packaging, behavior or statements of individuals associated with the package, any unusual odors or sounds emanating from it, and intelligence or prior knowledge of potential threats.

By refraining from disclosing information about the package, the police can prevent unnecessary panic or speculation within the community. It also helps maintain the integrity of the investigation by minimizing the dissemination of potentially sensitive information that could hinder their efforts.

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Support from Members of the Public

During such incidents, it is crucial for community members to cooperate with law enforcement instructions and heed their advice. By avoiding the area, residents reduce the risk of accidental harm and facilitate the work of trained professionals who are equipped to handle these situations safely.

It’s important to rely on official sources of information, such as police departments or local government channels, for updates regarding the situation. These sources will provide accurate and timely information as it becomes available, ensuring that the community stays informed while maintaining public safety.

The parking lot is expected to remain cordoned off for several hours while police investigate.

Anyone with information about the suspicious package is asked to contact the Bell Gardens Police Department at (562) 903-1200.

This is a developing story. Stay tuned for updates.


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