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VIDEO: Elderly Caned at Kenya’s PCEA Thogoto Care Home for the Aged

The care home, PCEA Thogoto Care Home for the Aged, is located about 20km (12 miles) west of Nairobi. It is home to around 50 elderly women and men.

A BBC Africa Eye investigation has revealed that vulnerable residents at a care home for the elderly near Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, have been mistreated and neglected.

Secret filming shows staff members physically mistreating residents, dumping food directly onto tables without any plates, and leaving medical conditions untreated.

In one shocking incident, a staff member can be seen hitting an elderly woman on the bottom with a wooden stick. The woman is seen crying out in pain, but the staff member continues to hit her.

The care home was set up by the Women’s Guild of the local PCEA church but is now managed independently.

The BBC Africa Eye investigation was conducted by two undercover reporters who got jobs at the care home and spent 14 weeks secretly filming inside the facility.

In addition to the footage of the elderly woman being caned, the reporters also recorded staff admitting to physically abusing other residents.

One staff member said that they sometimes had to “use force” to control the residents. Another said that they would “beat” the residents if they didn’t eat their food.

The reporters also found that the care home was in a state of disrepair. The rooms were dirty and unsanitary, and the food was often spoiled. Medical conditions were left untreated, and some residents were seen wearing soiled clothing.

The BBC Africa Eye investigation has sparked outrage in Kenya. The government has ordered an investigation into the care home, and the police have arrested several staff members.

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The mistreatment of the elderly at PCEA Thogoto Care Home for the Aged is a reminder of the vulnerability of this population group.

It is also a reminder of the importance of oversight and regulation of care homes.

The BBC Africa Eye investigation has highlighted a dark corner of elderly care in Kenya. It is hoped that the investigation findings will lead to changes that will improve the lives of the elderly in Kenya and around the world.

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