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Diane Farr Movies and TV shows

Discover the captivating world of Diane Farr’s movies and TV shows. From compelling dramas to unforgettable performances, explore her versatile talent and immerse yourself in unforgettable storytelling.

Diane Farr Movies and TV shows

Diane Farr Movies and TV shows

Diane Farr is a talented actress known for her captivating performances in movies and TV shows. With a diverse range of roles, she has showcased her versatility and ability to bring characters to life.

In the world of television, Diane Farr has left an indelible mark. She gained widespread recognition for her role as FBI agent Megan Reeves in the hit crime drama series “Numb3rs.” Her portrayal of the intelligent and determined agent captivated audiences and solidified her status as a talented actress.

Diane Farr’s talent extends beyond the small screen. In movies, she has delivered powerful performances that have resonated with viewers. One notable film is “The Job,” where she portrayed the complex character of Emily Robin, a woman caught in a web of deceit and danger. Her nuanced portrayal showcased her ability to delve into the depths of a character’s emotions and motivations.

Another memorable role was in the romantic comedy “Lovely & Amazing,” where Diane Farr played Michelle Marks, a woman navigating the complexities of love, family, and self-acceptance. Her performance brought depth and authenticity to the character, earning critical acclaim.

Diane Farr’s filmography also includes appearances in popular TV shows such as “Californication,” “Rescue Me,” and “Private Practice,” where she continued to impress with her acting prowess.

Whether it’s a gripping crime drama or a heartfelt comedy, Diane Farr’s movies and TV shows offer a captivating viewing experience. Her ability to embody diverse characters and deliver compelling performances makes her a standout talent in the entertainment industry. Explore her body of work and be prepared to be enthralled by her on-screen presence.

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Diane Farr Movies and TV shows

Year Title Role Notes
1998 The Opposite of Sex Nina Nominated for Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Female
1999 The Mod Squad Julie Barnes TV series
2000 The In Crowd Lauren
2001 The Good Girl Lanie
2002 The Sweetest Thing Suzie
2003 The Day After Tomorrow Mrs. Hall
2004 My Name Is Earl Billie TV series
2005 The Break-Up Tammy
2006 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Dr. Rebecca Hendrix TV series
2006–2010 Numb3rs Terry Lake TV series
2011 The Whole Truth Sarah Hall TV series
2012 The New Normal Liz TV series
2013 The Mindy Project Whitney TV series
2014–2015 The Americans Martha Hanson TV series
2016 The Blacklist M.R. Ward TV series
2018 Splitting Up Together Gemma TV series
2019 The Conners Jackie Harris TV series


Who played Lila on GREY’s anatomy?

Diane Farr played Lila in the Grey’s Anatomy season seven episode Can’t Fight Biology.

What was Diane Farr in?

Diane Farr has been in many movies and TV shows, including The Opposite of Sex, The Mod Squad, My Name Is Earl, The Break-Up, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Numb3rs, The Whole Truth, The New Normal, The Mindy Project, The Americans, The Blacklist, Splitting Up Together, and The Conners.

Who is the waitress in white collar?

The waitress in White Collar is Sarah Shahi. She played Kate Moretti, a former art thief who becomes an FBI agent.

Who plays Bode’s mom on Fire Country?

The actress who plays Bode’s mom on Fire Country is Jennifer Beals. She plays Rebecca Harris, a firefighter who is trying to rebuild her life after a tragedy.

Who is the Arab girl on GREY’s anatomy?

The Arab girl on Grey’s Anatomy is Amira Waheed. She played Amira Dakkar, a patient who was injured in a terrorist attack.

Who is the lady always in surgery on GREY’s anatomy?

The lady who is always in surgery on Grey’s Anatomy is Miranda Bailey. She is a cardiothoracic surgeon and the former chief of surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

What is the secret in the movie Diane?

The secret in the movie Diane is that Diane is actually a serial killer. She murders her victims and then takes their identities.

Why did Laura leave Rescue Me?

Laura left Rescue Me because she was tired of the violence and the death. She wanted to start a new life with her son.

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Is Diane Farr the mole in Night Agent?

It is not yet clear if Diane Farr is the mole in Night Agent. She is a CIA agent who is investigating a mole within the agency.

Who is main villain in White Collar?

Neal Caffrey, a former art thief, serves as the main villain in White Collar and is compelled to work as a consultant for the FBI.

Who was Selena in White Collar?

Selena was Neal Caffrey’s girlfriend in White Collar. She was a con artist who was eventually killed by Peter Burke.

Does Bode go back to jail?

It is not yet clear if Bode goes back to jail in Fire Country. He is facing charges for arson, but he may be able to get a plea deal.

Who is the main character in Fire Country?

The main character in Fire Country is Bode Donovan. He is a firefighter who is trying to rebuild his life after a tragedy.

Is Diane Farr good the night agent?

Diane Farr is very good in The Night Agent. She plays a CIA agent who is investigating a mole within the agency.

Who is the non-binary actor on GREY’s?

The non-binary actor on Grey’s is Alex Blue Davis. They play Casey Parker, a transgender intern.

Who gets custody of Sofia?

It is not yet clear who gets custody of Sofia in Grey’s Anatomy. She is the daughter of Owen Hunt and Amelia Shepherd.

Who is the Italian girl in GREY’s anatomy?

The Italian girl in Grey’s Anatomy is Carina DeLuca. She is a cardiothoracic surgeon who is the sister of Andrew DeLuca.

Who is bad in The Night Agent?

It is not yet clear who is bad in The Night Agent. The show’s first season is still ongoing, and they have not yet revealed the identity of the mole.

Why did Farr hire Peter?

Farr hired Peter because she needed his help to investigate the mole within the CIA. Peter is a former FBI agent who has experience with moles.

Who is the traitor in Night Agent?

It is not yet clear who the traitor is in Night Agent. The show’s first season is still ongoing, and they have not yet revealed the identity of the mole.

Why is White Collar so good?

White Collar is a good show because it is a mix of crime, comedy, and drama. The show is also very well-acted, and the characters are likable.

Why did Diana leave White Collar Season 1?

Diana left White Collar Season 1 because of scheduling conflicts with another show she was working on. She returned to the show in Season 2.

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