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CupcakKe – CPR Lyrics

CupcakKe’s CPR lyrics are a bold and unapologetic ode to sexual liberation. Find out why this anthem is taking the music world by storm.


CPR Lyrics

CupcakKe is an American rapper known for her bold and sexually explicit lyrics, as well as her unapologetic attitude. Her song “CPR” was released in 2018 and has become a fan favorite due to its catchy beat and provocative lyrics. The song features CupcakKe rapping about her sexual prowess and how she can bring her partner back to life with her skills in the bedroom. The lyrics are explicit and graphic, but they also showcase CupcakKe’s confidence and self-assuredness.

The first verse of “CPR” is filled with sexually explicit imagery, with CupcakKe rapping about oral sex and other sexual acts. However, she also showcases her clever wordplay and wit, with lines like “I give good head, that’s a million dollar mouth.” The chorus of the song features a catchy melody and repeatable lyrics, making it an instant club banger for fans of trap music.

Overall, “CPR” is a bold and provocative track that showcases CupcakKe’s unique style and fearless attitude. The song has become a fan favorite due to its infectious beat and outrageous lyrics, and it’s clear that CupcakKe is an artist who isn’t afraid to push boundaries and challenge societal norms.

CupcakKe – CPR Lyrics video


Um, dois, três, quatro 

No quick head in my bed I can’t have that
I want that long neck not talking giraffe neck
Ain’t no laying down man we ’bout to have late fun
I’m ’bout to make your balls stick up like space buns 

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Want your dick soaked? Place it down my throat
Tongue tickle yo’ dick but not telling a joke
Peddle in this pussy that’s how you rock a boat
It get live in this pussy, I’m not talking Periscope 

In the sheets I am a bully
Give more head than a hoodie
Every time you make me cum it look just like vanilla pudding
Sit on yo face all day until you say, “Bae, it hurt me”
Then I turn around and give the dick more kisses than Hershey’s 

Yo’ dick brick-hard like a medal (uh)
I got three holes for it like a pretzel (mhm)
Tight as a virgin boy don’t get nervous (tight)
I’m here to serve you customer service (right)
I save dick by giving it CPR
(I save dick by giving it CPR, yes)
Put my mouth on it like CPR
(Let’s make porn and watch it on VCR) 

I think we should fuck up in every zip code
It would make my pussy wetter than a fishbowl
Pussy a kitty cat, I pet it like a pet
I fuck doggy style so much I need to go to the vet 

Hotbox? More like a scorching pussy
Open this coochie up like a fortune cookie
Yo’ banana in my mouth watch my tongue go ape 
Yo’ dick getting more blows than a birthday cake 

When I’m near it, no, I don’t fear it
Licking on that penis like a letter when I seal it
Today way wetter than my past slob
And if you unemployed, I can give you a ass job 

Pussy already wet don’t need no lube ointment
Dick twisting in my stomach like food poisoning
That’s how you know when you hit the spot
I’ll make your pants unzip more than Ziploc 


Yo’ dick brick-hard like a medal (uh)
I got three holes for it like a pretzel (mhm)
Tight as a virgin boy don’t get nervous (tight)
I’m here to serve you customer service (right) 
I save dick by giving it CPR
(I save dick by giving it CPR, yes)
Put my mouth on it like CPR
(Let’s make porn and watch it on VCR) 

Anything goes when you up in my hole
Dirty panties from the sex, yeah, I got me some loads
Listen, I’m the most explicit
Long stick inside my river but we not going fishing 

Know what to do every time you have a horrible day 
I’ll eat that sausage all day like it’s Memorial Day
I’m talking BBQ sauce and mustard on it
And the mayonnaise comes when you bust right on it 

Name anything freaky and you know I’m ’bout that shit
Only time I’m not on the dick is when I’m ’bout to shit
Pubic hairs all in my mouth, not again
So when I suck yo’ dick now, I use bobby pins 

Who need a gym when you got dick to work you out?
I want my face to lose weight so stroke my mouth
And any time my pussy wanna be hairy like Harry Potter
Becky with the good hair is what you could call her
Let’s get it 

A little faster
A little more
Right there
Give it to me now
(Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh)
(Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh) 




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