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Christina Hendricks Movies and TV shows

Discover Christina Hendricks Movies and TV shows. Explore her versatile talent and unforgettable characters.

Christina Hendricks Movies and TV shows

Christina Hendricks Movies and TV shows

Christina Hendricks is a talented actress known for her captivating performances in movies and TV shows. With her striking beauty and undeniable talent, she has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.

In the realm of television, Hendricks gained widespread recognition for her role as Joan Holloway in the critically acclaimed series “Mad Men.” Her portrayal of the confident and ambitious office manager earned her multiple award nominations and cemented her status as a powerhouse performer.

Hendricks has also showcased her versatility in various film projects. She has appeared in movies like “Drive,” where she portrayed the enigmatic and alluring character of Blanche. In the comedy-drama “Bad Santa 2,” she brought humor and charm to her role as Diane Hastings.

Her filmography also includes notable performances in “The Neon Demon,” “Lost River,” and “Ginger & Rosa,” among others. Hendricks consistently delivers nuanced and compelling portrayals, captivating audiences with her range and depth.

Beyond her acting prowess, Hendricks is admired for her distinctive style and iconic red hair. Her presence on screen is magnetic, drawing viewers into the worlds she inhabits and leaving a lasting impression.

Whether she’s playing complex characters in period dramas or bringing life to contemporary stories, Christina Hendricks continues to captivate audiences with her talent and charisma. Her contributions to the world of film and television have solidified her as one of the most respected and admired actresses of her generation.

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Christina Hendricks Movies and TV shows

Year Title Role Notes
1999 Undressed Christina Hendricks TV series
1999-2001 Beggars and Choosers Christina Hendricks TV series
2002 The Burning Plain Chloe Film
2004 The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things Joyce Lakeland Film
2007-2015 Mad Men Joan Holloway TV series
2009 4:44 Last Day on Earth Sarah Film
2011 Drive Irene Watts Film
2012 Trouble with the Curve Mickey Loeb Film
2013 The Neon Demon Jean Film
2014 Kill the Messenger Mary Mapes Film
2015 Another Period Lillian DeForest TV series
2016 Bad Santa 2 Sue Ellen Film
2017 Fist Fight Holly Ryland Film
2018 American Woman Bonnie Nolan TV series
2018 The Strangers: Prey at Night Cindy Roberts Film
2020 The Hunt Crystal Film
2022 Tin Star Margaret Defries TV series

What is Christina Hendricks famous for?

Christina Hendricks is famous for her role as Joan Holloway in the AMC television series Mad Men. She is also known for her roles in the films The Burning Plain, Drive, and The Neon Demon.

Who is Christina Hendricks husband?

Actor Geoffrey Arend and Christina Hendricks have been married since 2009.

How much does Christina Hendricks make per episode?

Christina Hendricks reportedly makes $175,000 per episode of Mad Men.

How old is Christina Hendricks now?

Christina Hendricks was born on May 3, 1975. She is currently 47 years old.

Who is the most famous Christina?

There are many famous Christinas, but the most famous is probably Christina Aguilera. She is a singer, songwriter, and actress.

Who is the redheaded woman in Mad Men?

The redheaded woman in Mad Men is Christina Hendricks, who plays Joan Holloway.

What size is Christina?

Christina Hendricks is a size 12. She has spoken out about how she is proud of her curves and how she refuses to conform to Hollywood’s unrealistic beauty standards.

How did Alicia Silverstone get discovered?

Alicia Silverstone was discovered when she was 14 years old by a talent scout at a shopping mall. She was then cast in the film The Crush.

Who plays Elizabeth Bradshaw?

Elizabeth Bradshaw is played by actress Kerry Washington. She is a recurring character on the television series Scandal.

Who played Joanie on Mad Men?

Joanie Holloway, the daughter of Joan and Roger Sterling, was played by actress Scarlett Johansson.

Who did Christina marry first?

Christina Hendricks was first married to actor Scott Shaughnessy in 2001. They divorced in 2006.

How many ex husbands does Christina Hall have?

Christina Hendricks has two ex-husbands. She was first married to Scott Shaughnessy from 2001 to 2006. She then married actor Geoffrey Arend in 2009. They divorced in 2019.

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Does Christina have a boyfriend?

Christina Hendricks is currently single. In the past, there were rumors linking her to actor Ryan Reynolds, but they are not currently dating.

Who is the highest paid actor or actress on GREY’s anatomy?

Ellen Pompeo is the highest paid actor or actress on GREY’s anatomy. She reportedly makes $575,000 per episode.

Who gets paid the most in Greys?

Ellen Pompeo is the actor who gets paid the most in Greys. She reportedly makes $575,000 per episode.

How rich is Christina?

Christina Hendricks’ net worth is estimated to be $10 million. She has earned her wealth from her acting career, as well as from endorsement deals.

What happened to Hendricks children?

Christina Hendricks does not have any children.

What is Christina Hendricks doing now?

Christina Hendricks is currently starring in the television series Tin Star.

Who is the bigger star Britney or Christina?

Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera are both very successful singers, but it is difficult to say who is the bigger star. Britney Spears has sold more records worldwide, but Christina Aguilera has won more Grammy Awards.

Who is Christina in the Bible?

Christina is a Christian name that means “follower of Christ.” It is a popular name in many countries around the world.

What does Christina mean in Christianity?

Christina means “follower of Christ.” Christian families often give the name to girls who are born, making it a common Christian name.

Who is Annabelle in Mad Men?

Annabelle Mathis is a character in the television series Mad Men. She is the wife of Roger Sterling.

What is Diana in Mad Men?

Diana Trout is a character in the television series Mad Men. She is a secretary at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

Who is the blonde wife in Mad Men?

The blonde wife in Mad Men is Betty Draper. She is the first wife of Don Draper.

What are ladies perfect sizes?

There is no one answer to this question, as everyone’s body is different. However, some general guidelines for women’s perfect sizes include:

  • A waist size that is less than half of your hip size.
  • A body mass index (BMI) of 18.5 to 24.9.
  • A waist-to-hip ratio of less than 0.8.

How much weight did Christina gain?

Christina Hendricks has said that she gained about 20 pounds while she was pregnant with her son. She has since lost the weight and is back to her normal size.

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