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Brianne Howey Movies and TV shows

Discover the best Brianne Howey movies and TV shows, including Ginny & Georgia, The Passage, The Exorcist, and more.

Explore her impressive acting career and find your next binge-worthy watch with this comprehensive list.

Brianne Howey Movies and TV shows

Brianne Howey Movies and TV shows

Brianne Howey is an American actress known for her captivating performances in both movies and television shows. Her natural talent and versatility have earned her critical acclaim, making her one of the most promising young actresses in Hollywood.

Howey’s breakout role came in 2016 with the horror anthology series Scream Queens, where she played the recurring character of Melanie Dorkus. She then went on to star in The Exorcist, a popular TV series that aired from 2016-2018, where she portrayed Kat Rance, a seemingly normal girl who becomes possessed by a demon.

In 2020, Howey landed the lead role of Georgia Miller in the Netflix series Ginny & Georgia. The show follows the story of a mother-daughter duo as they navigate life in a small New England town. Howey’s nuanced portrayal of Georgia has been praised for its complexity and depth, and the show has gained a massive following since its release.

Howey has also established herself in the film industry with roles in movies such as Viral, directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, and Plus One, a romantic comedy that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2019.

One of Howey’s greatest strengths is her ability to bring authenticity to each character she plays. Whether it’s a troubled teenager, a possessed victim, or a complex mother, she immerses herself in the role and delivers outstanding performances every time.

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Overall, Brianne Howey is a rising star in the entertainment industry, and her impressive body of work is a testament to her talent and dedication to her craft. With many exciting projects on the horizon, there’s no doubt that we’ll be seeing much more of her in the coming years.

Brianne Howey Movies and TV shows

Year Title Role Notes
2014 Twisted Tales Rachel TV Series
2015 I Live with Models Trina TV Series
2016 Scream Queens Melanie Dorkus TV Series, recurring role
2016 Horrible Parents Katie TV Series
2016 Viral Stacey Drake Film
2016-2018 The Exorcist Kat Rance TV Series, main role
2017 The Passage Shauna Babcock TV Series, main role
2019 Batwoman Grace Gibbons TV Series, guest appearance
2019 Plus One Chloe Film
2020-present Ginny & Georgia Georgia Miller TV Series, main role

How did Brianne Howey get famous?

Brianne Howey got famous for her role as Ginny Miller’s mother, Georgia Miller, in the Netflix comedy-drama series Ginny & Georgia. The show was a huge hit, and Howey’s performance was praised by critics and audiences alike.

Is Georgia’s accent in Ginny and Georgia real?

Georgia’s accent in Ginny & Georgia is not real. Howey is from California, and she had to learn the Southern accent for the role. She did a great job, and the accent became one of the most talked-about aspects of the show.

What movies is Brianne Howey in?

Brianne Howey has appeared in several movies, including The Exorcist, The Passage, and Batwoman. She is also known for her role as Reagan Pye in the first season of Batwoman.

What role did Brianne Howey play in Hart of Dixie?

Brianne Howey played Zoe Hart’s roommate, Rose, in the first season of Hart of Dixie. She was a popular character, and she was brought back for a few episodes in the second season.

How old is Georgia in Ginny and Georgia?

Georgia is 34 years old in Ginny & Georgia. She is a single mother of two, Ginny and Austin. She is a former con artist who is always looking for the next big score.

How old is Austin in Ginny and Georgia?

Austin is 10 years old in Ginny & Georgia. He is Georgia’s son from her first marriage. He is a sweet and innocent boy who is often overshadowed by his older sister, Ginny.

How old is Ginny in Ginny and Georgia?

Ginny is 15 years old in Ginny & Georgia. She is Georgia’s daughter from her second marriage. She is a smart and independent girl who is trying to figure out who she is and where she belongs.

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Who is Mary in Ginny and Georgia?

Mary is Ginny’s best friend. She is a kind and compassionate girl who is always there for Ginny. She is also a talented artist.

Is Maxine in Ginny and Georgia?

Maxine is not in Ginny & Georgia. She is a character from the book series on which the show is based. However, there is a character named Max in the show who is similar to Maxine in the books.

Was Shelby pregnant in Hart of Dixie?

Yes, Shelby was pregnant in Hart of Dixie. She was pregnant with her and Wade’s son, William. She gave birth to William in the season 2 finale.

Who was pregnant during Hart of Dixie?

Shelby, Zoe, and Lemon were all pregnant during Hart of Dixie. Shelby was pregnant with her and Wade’s son, William. Zoe was pregnant with Joel’s son, George. Lemon was pregnant with George’s son, George Jr.

Was Rachel pregnant during Hart of Dixie?

No, Rachel was not pregnant during Hart of Dixie. She was married to Dr. Atticus “Tick” Sharpe, and they had a son named Noah together. However, Rachel did have a miscarriage in the show’s third season.

Who played older Maddie in Ginny and Georgia?

Katie Douglas played older Maddie in Ginny & Georgia. She is a Canadian actress who is known for her roles in The Killing and The Good Doctor.

Where is Ginny and Georgia filmed?

Ginny & Georgia was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The show’s creators wanted to create a show that felt like a small town in the American South, and they felt that Vancouver was the perfect place to do that.

Who is the star of Georgia and Ginny?

Brianne Howey is the star of Ginny & Georgia. She plays Georgia Miller, the mother of Ginny and Austin. Howey is a rising star, and she has been praised for her performance in the show.

How old was Georgia when she got pregnant?

Georgia was 16 years old when she got pregnant with Ginny. She was a high school student at the time, and she was impregnated by her teacher, Zion.

What is the meaning of Ginny?

The name Ginny is a short form of the name Virginia. It is a name that is often associated with strength, independence, and intelligence.

How old was Zion when Georgia got pregnant?

Zion was 23 years old when Georgia got pregnant. He was a teacher at the high school where Georgia was a student. He was married at the time, and he had two children.

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