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Brett Goldstein Movies and TV shows

Discover the best of Brett Goldstein movies and TV shows. From comedy to drama, explore his versatile performances that will leave you entertained and wanting more.

Brett Goldstein Movies and TV shows

Brett Goldstein Movies and TV shows

Brett Goldstein is a talented actor known for his captivating performances in movies and TV shows. With his versatile range and impeccable acting skills, he has left a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.

In the realm of television, Brett Goldstein has made a significant impact. He gained recognition for his role as Roy Kent in the critically acclaimed comedy series “Ted Lasso.” As the gruff and lovable football coach, Goldstein brings depth and humor to the character, earning him praise from both critics and fans alike. His portrayal of Roy Kent has become one of the standout performances of the show.

Goldstein’s talent extends beyond television, as he has also showcased his skills on the big screen. He appeared in the British comedy film “SuperBob,” where he played the titular character, a mild-mannered superhero. Critics and audiences praised his performance for its comedic timing and heartfelt moments, establishing him as a versatile actor.

Additionally, Goldstein has lent his voice to animated projects such as “Cruise of the Gods” and “The Adventures of Tintin,” showcasing his versatility in different mediums.

With each new project, Brett Goldstein continues to impress with his range and ability to bring characters to life. Whether he’s making us laugh or tugging at our heartstrings, his performances are always memorable and leave a lasting impact.

As an actor, Brett Goldstein has proven himself to be a rising star in the industry, and audiences can look forward to seeing more of his incredible work in the future.

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Brett Goldstein Movies and TV shows

Year Title Role Notes
2005 The Rope Young Robert Dunsmore Short film
2009 Wish You Were Here Young Robert Dunsmore Short film (remade in 2009 as Slave)
2009 Super Bob Bob Short film
2009-2010 The Bill Jared Miles TV series (2 episodes)
2012 Derek Officer Darren TV series (1 episode)
2013 Fresh Meat Rory Kinnear TV series (1 episode)
2014 Drifters Nick TV series (1 episode)
2015 Drunk History Young Jeremy Clarkson TV series (1 episode)
2016 The Last Leg Himself TV series (2 episodes)
2016–2017 Uncle Brett TV series (12 episodes)
2017–2023 Ted Lasso Roy Kent TV series (30 episodes)
2019 Truth Seekers Richard TV series (6 episodes)
2021 The Bubble Darren Film
2022 This Way Up Himself TV series (1 episode)
2023 The Sea Beast Captain Crow Film
2023 Hercules Herc Film

Who is Brett Goldstein in a relationship with?

Brett Goldstein is in a relationship with actress and writer Melanie Lynskey. The couple have been together since 2018 and have a son together.

What shows did Brett Goldstein write for?

Brett Goldstein has written for several shows, including Ted Lasso, Uncle, and Derek. He is also the co-creator of the upcoming comedy series Shrinking.

Did Brett Goldstein bulk up for Thor?

Yes, Brett Goldstein bulked up for his role as Hercules in the upcoming Marvel film Thor: Love and Thunder. He reportedly gained 30 pounds of muscle for the role.

Did Brett Goldstein create Ted Lasso?

No, Brett Goldstein did not create Ted Lasso.Bill Lawrence, Jason Sudeikis, Brendan Hunt, Joe Kelly, Bill Zabka, and Joe Kelly collaborated to create the show. However, Goldstein is one of the show’s writers and stars as Roy Kent.

How old is Hannah Ted Lasso?

Hannah Ted Lasso is 12 years old. She is the daughter of Ted Lasso and Rebecca Welton.

How much does Brett Goldstein make on Ted Lasso?

The public does not have information regarding Brett Goldstein’s salary for Ted Lasso. However, industry estimates suggest his earnings range from $500,000 to $1 million per season.

Who will be Hercules in Thor?

Brett Goldstein will play Hercules in Thor: Love and Thunder. He is the son of Zeus and the half-brother of Thor.

Who is the strongest Thor in movies?

The strongest Thor in movies is Thor from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). He is the most powerful Avenger and has defeated many powerful opponents, including Thanos.

Who will play Hercules in Marvel?

Brett Goldstein will play Hercules in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). He is the son of Zeus and the half-brother of Thor.

Who is Ted Lasso inspired by?

Ted Lasso is inspired by a number of people, including American football coach Craig T. Nelson and English football manager Roy Hodgson. The show’s creator, Bill Lawrence, has said that he wanted to create a character who was “hopeful, optimistic, and positive”.

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Why is Ted Lasso ending?

Ted Lasso is ending because the show’s creators feel that it is time to end the story. They have said that they want to end the show on a high note and that they do not want to run the show into the ground.

Who came up with the idea for Ted Lasso?

The idea for Ted Lasso came from Bill Lawrence, Jason Sudeikis, Brendan Hunt, Joe Kelly, Bill Zabka, and Joe Kelly. They all met at a writers’ room and started brainstorming ideas for a new show. The idea for Ted Lasso came out of those discussions.

Why is Nate GREY Ted Lasso?

Nate is “GREY” Ted Lasso because he is a former player of AFC Richmond who was mentored by Ted Lasso. He is now the assistant coach of the team and is still learning from Ted.

Where is Ted Lasso filmed?

Ted Lasso is filmed in London, England. The show’s creators wanted to film the show in England to capture the feel of the English Premier League.

When did Nate go gray in Ted Lasso?

Nate went gray in Ted Lasso in the third season. This was a visual representation of his character’s decline.

Who is the rich African man in Ted Lasso?

The rich African man in Ted Lasso is Rupert Mannion. He is the owner of AFC Richmond and is a ruthless businessman.

How much did Jason Sudeikis get paid for Ted Lasso?

Jason Sudeikis reportedly got paid $1 million per episode for Ted Lasso. This makes him one of the highest-paid actors on television.

What town is Ted Lasso based on?

Ted Lasso is based on the town of Richmond upon Thames, England. The show’s creators wanted to base the show in a real town to capture the feel of the English Premier League.

Who in Marvel is stronger than Thor?

There are a few characters in Marvel who are stronger than Thor. These include Odin, Surtur, and the Hulk.

Which superheroes can defeat Thor?

There are a few superheroes who can defeat Thor. These include the Hulk, Captain Marvel, and Doctor Strange.

What illness does Ted Lasso have?

Ted Lasso does not have any known illnesses. However, he does suffer from anxiety and depression.

What did Ted Lasso’s son say at the end?

At the end of Ted Lasso, Ted’s son, Henry, said “I love you, Dad”. This was a very emotional moment for Ted, as it showed that Henry had finally come to accept him.

Does Ted Lasso win the Premier League?

Ted Lasso does not win the Premier League in the show. However, he does lead AFC Richmond to a successful season and helps to change the way that people view American football coaches in England.


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