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Breaking: Carlee Russell Fired from Spa Job

Carlee Russell, the 25-year-old woman who claimed she was kidnapped after pulling over to help a child walking along a highway, has been fired from her job at the Woodhouse Spa in Birmingham, Alabama.

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Russell’s co-workers are reportedly “pissed” about the whole story, and the spa’s owner, Stuart Rome, said that he and his staff did everything they could to help Russell when she was first reported missing.

We spent all our time searching for Carlee,” Rome said. “We called the police, we put up missing person posters, we even offered a reward for her safe return. We did everything we could.”

Rome said that the spa has been inundated with nasty comments and bad reviews since Russell’s story came to light.

He has had to shut down the spa’s social media pages and turn off commenting.

The Kidnapping of Carlee Russell
The Kidnapping of Carlee Russell

“At this point, I’m just trying to keep the doors open,” Rome said. “This has been a nightmare for everyone involved.”

Russell’s story first made headlines on July 14, when she called 911 and said that she had been kidnapped after pulling over to help a child walking along Interstate 65.

She claimed that she was held captive for two days before being released.

However, the police soon began to have doubts about Russell’s story.

They found her red Mercedes-Benz, cellphone, and wig at the scene of her supposed disappearance, but they found no traces of Russell or a missing child.

On July 16, Russell reappeared at her home and told police that she had escaped from her captors.

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However, her story was riddled with inconsistencies, and police eventually concluded that she had made the whole thing up.

Russell has not been charged with any crimes, but she is facing a civil lawsuit from the Woodhouse Spa. The spa is seeking damages for the loss of business and reputation that it has suffered as a result of Russell’s false claims.

It is unclear what Russell’s plans are now that she has been fired from her job. However, it is likely that she will face a difficult time finding new employment, given the publicity surrounding her case.

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