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Body Found in Delaware River Confirmed to Be Missing 2-Year-Old

The discovery of the body of 2-year-old Matilda “Mattie” Sheils in the Delaware River has brought a tragic end to the search efforts that began after she was swept away in a flash flood in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

The devastating incident occurred over the weekend, leaving the community in shock and mourning.

The recovery of Mattie’s body near the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia on Friday afternoon has provided some closure for her family and loved ones, although it is undoubtedly an incredibly difficult time for them.

The identification of the body as that of young Mattie Sheils confirms the worst fears of her family and the community.

Tragic Flash Flood Incident in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

The flood occurred on Saturday, July 16, 2023, in a small town located near the Naminy Creek.

The region had been experiencing heavy rainfall for several days, saturating the ground and causing the water levels in the creek rise rapidly.

Unfortunately, this led to a devastating situation for Mattie, Conrad, and their mother, Katie Seley.

On that fateful day, Mattie, Conrad, and Katie were traveling in their car, unaware of the imminent danger that awaited them.

As they drove along a road near the creek, the force of the overflowing water became too powerful for the surrounding infrastructure to handle.

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The rushing floodwaters quickly engulfed the road, sweeping away everything in its path, including their vehicle.

In the midst of the chaos, Mattie and Conrad found themselves trapped inside the car as it was carried away by the relentless current.

The torrential waters made it impossible for Katie to maintain control of the vehicle, leaving them at the mercy of the raging flood.

Identification of the Deceased Child

The body of a 2-year-old girl who was swept away in the flash flood has been found in the Delaware River. The body was positively identified as Matilda “Mattie” Sheils, one of the missing children.

Ongoing Search for Missing Infant

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Mattie’s 9-month-old brother, Conrad, is still missing. Search crews are continuing their efforts to locate him in the Delaware River and the surrounding area.

Intensive Search Efforts for Conrad

Authorities are utilizing sonar technology and divers to search the river for any signs of Conrad. Boaters and fishermen have also been asked to vigilant and report anything relevant to the case.

Determination to Find Conrad

Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub expressed unwavering commitment to finding Conrad, stating that they will continue the search until he is located.

Community Mourning and Support

The deaths of Mattie and her mother, Katie Seley, have deeply impacted the community. A GoFundMe page has been established to assist the family with funeral expenses.

Family Statement and Gratitude

In a statement, the family expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support received from the community. They find solace in knowing that Mattie and Katie are now in a better place.

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Seeking Public Assistance

Search for Conrad remains ongoing, and the Bucks County Police Department is urging anyone with information about his whereabouts to come forward and contact them.

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