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Bloody Passenger subdued aboard on Delta Airlines flight

In a harrowing incident that unfolded on a Delta Airlines flight, chaos erupted as a disruptive passenger, identified as 31-year-old Nelson Montgomery, caused mayhem upon landing at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.

The situation took a dangerous turn when Montgomery, already bleeding from his neck, grabbed a flight attendant and held her hostage with a shard of broken glass, threatening to harm her.

Thanks to the brave collaboration of fellow passengers, Montgomery was ultimately subdued until law enforcement officials arrived to take him into custody.

The Incident Unfolds

Delta Airlines Flight 2432, traveling from Atlanta to New Orleans, became the site of a distressing scene when Nelson Montgomery, a troubled individual, created havoc immediately after landing.

Passengers were left in shock and fear as they witnessed the events unfold before them.

A Cry for Help

As the plane touched down at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, concerned passengers noticed Montgomery bleeding from his neck.

In an act of compassion, one passenger volunteered to provide medical aid. However, what started as an attempt to assist quickly spiraled out of control.

Escalation and Threats

Seemingly out of nowhere, Montgomery’s behavior took a sinister turn. Gripping a flight attendant in a chokehold, he held a shard of broken glass against her neck, issuing dire threats of harm.

He warned that anyone who approached would face severe consequences, including the potential severing of the flight attendant’s head.

Passenger Heroism

Faced with a life-threatening situation, eight courageous individuals on board banded together to confront Montgomery and protect the safety of those on the flight.

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Their quick thinking and collaborative efforts proved instrumental in subduing the assailant, preventing further harm from being inflicted.

Law Enforcement Response

Local authorities swiftly responded to the distress call, racing against the clock to neutralize the threat.

Upon arrival, law enforcement officers promptly took control of the situation and safely apprehended Nelson Montgomery.

He was subsequently taken into custody to face legal consequences for his actions.

Delta Airlines’ Response

Delta Airlines issued a statement expressing their gratitude to the passengers who exhibited bravery and unity during the incident.

The airline commended the swift actions of those involved and emphasized their commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of their passengers.


The Delta Airlines Flight 2432 incident serves as a poignant reminder of the potential dangers that can arise in even the most seemingly routine situations.

The heroic actions of the passengers on board exemplify the power of unity and courage in the face of adversity. While incidents like these are rare, they highlight the importance of vigilance and preparedness both within the aviation industry and among passengers.

As travelers, it is crucial to report any suspicious behavior or concerns to cabin crew members and authorities promptly.

This collective responsibility ensures the safety and security of everyone on board, creating an environment where incidents such as the one aboard Delta Airlines Flight 2432 can be swiftly addressed and resolved.

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