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Anthony Edwards Movies and TV shows

Explore Anthony Edwards Movies and TV shows. From ER to Top Gun, discover the iconic roles that have defined his career. Learn more now!

Anthony Edwards Movies and TV shows

Anthony Edwards Movies and TV shows

Anthony Edwards is a talented actor known for his memorable performances in movies and TV shows. One of his most notable roles was as Dr. Mark Greene in the long-running medical drama series ER, where he captivated audiences with his portrayal of a dedicated and compassionate doctor. Edwards also made a lasting impression as Goose in the classic film Top Gun, showcasing his versatility and on-screen charisma.

In addition to ER and Top Gun, Edwards has appeared in a wide range of projects throughout his career. He delivered a powerful performance in the drama film Zodiac, portraying Inspector William Armstrong with depth and intensity. Edwards also showcased his comedic chops in movies like Revenge of the Nerds and The Sure Thing, displaying his ability to bring humor and charm to his characters.

On the small screen, Edwards has made appearances in popular TV shows such as Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Girls. His talent for bringing complex characters to life has earned him critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base.

With his impressive body of work, Anthony Edwards has established himself as a versatile and accomplished actor. Whether he’s portraying a doctor, a fighter pilot, or a detective, he brings authenticity and depth to every role. Explore the captivating world of Anthony Edwards’ movies and TV shows and witness the brilliance of this talented performer.

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Anthony Edwards Movies and TV shows

Year Title Role Notes
1973 Big Zapper Kono’s Boy Action Crime
1978 Heart Like a Wheel Billy Drama
1982 Fast Times at Ridgemont High Eric Teen Comedy
1986 Top Gun Goose Bradshaw Action
1987 Revenge of the Nerds Gilbert Lowe Comedy
1988 Miracle Mile David Sci-Fi Thriller
1991 Zodiac Robert Graysmith Crime Drama
1994 The River Wild Wade Thriller
1995 Don’t Go Breaking My Heart Nick Romance
1994-2002 ER Dr. Mark Greene Medical Drama
2001 The Mothman Prophecies John Klein Horror
2002 Motherhood Avery Comedy
2003 Frasier Tom Comedy
2016 Billions Judge Whit Wilcox Drama
2017 Controversy Darwin Conn TV Movie
2019 Designated Survivor Mars Harper Drama
2022 WeCrashed Bruce Dunlevie TV Mini-Series

What was Anthony Edwards salary on ER?

Anthony Edwards earned $35 million for three seasons on ER, which made him one of television’s highest-paid actors. This works out to about $530,000 per episode.

How old is Goose from Top Gun?

Anthony Edwards’ character, Goose, was 33 years old in Top Gun.

What happened to Goose in the Top Gun?

Goose was killed in a mid-air collision during a training exercise.

Is Dr Green Goose from Top Gun?

No, Dr. Mark Greene (played by Anthony Edwards) is not Goose from Top Gun. Goose was played by Anthony Edwards’ younger brother, David Edwards.

How much did ER cost per episode?

ER cost an estimated $2 million per episode to produce.

How much did George Clooney make per episode of ER?

George Clooney made $500,000 per episode of ER in the final season of the show.

Was Goose’s Death realistic?

Goose’s death in Top Gun was based on a real-life accident that happened during a training exercise. In 1986, a crash during a training exercise claimed the lives of two Navy pilots flying an F-14 Tomcat.

Did Tom Cruise fly in Top Gun?

Yes, Tom Cruise did fly in Top Gun. He trained for several months to learn how to fly a F-14 Tomcat.

Who is Iceman’s wife in Top Gun?

Iceman’s wife in Top Gun is never mentioned in the movie.

Where was Top Gun filmed?

After Goose’s death in Top Gun, LTJG Rick “Slider” Heatherly (played by Rick Rossovich) took over his position.

Who is Goose’s girlfriend?

Goose’s girlfriend in Top Gun is Carole Bradshaw.

Who was Penny in Top Gun 1?

Penny Benjamin was a civilian flight instructor who Tom Cruise’s character, Maverick, falls in love with in Top Gun.

Can Tom Cruise fly a jet?

Yes, Tom Cruise can fly a jet. He trained for several months to learn how to fly a F-14 Tomcat for Top Gun.

Does Top Gun still exist?

Yes, Top Gun still exists. Naval Air Station Miramar is still in operation, and the Top Gun school is still there.

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What is the famous line from Top Gun?

The most famous line from Top Gun is “I feel the need, the need for speed.”

Who replaced Goose after he died in Top Gun?

After Goose’s death in Top Gun, LTJG Rick “Slider” Heatherly (played by Rick Rossovich) took over his position.

Who are the bad guys in Top Gun?

The bad guys in Top Gun are the Soviet Union.

Who is Iceman in real life from Top Gun?

The actor who played Iceman in Top Gun, Val Kilmer, is still alive.

Why was the show ER Cancelled?

ER was cancelled in 2009 after 15 seasons. The show’s ratings had been declining in recent years, and the network decided to end it.

Who was on the most episodes of ER?

Noah Wyle was on the most episodes of ER, with 332 episodes.

Why did they stop filming ER?

ER was cancelled in 2009 after 15 seasons. The show’s ratings had been declining in recent years, and the network decided to end it.

Who is No 1 richest actor in the world?

The richest actor in the world is George Lucas, with a net worth of $6.4 billion.

Who is the highest-paid actor?

The highest-paid actor in the world is Dwayne Johnson, who made $87.5 million in 2021.

What actor is worth the most?

The actor who is worth the most is George Lucas, with a net worth of $6.4 billion.

What caused gooses death?

Goose died as a result of a mid-air collision during a training exercise. Another plane fired a missile at the plane he was in, leading to the crash that claimed his life.

Who killed Goose?

Goose’s death was not caused by anyone else. He tragically lost his life in a mid-air collision that was not his fault.

What does Rio mean in Top Gun?

In Top Gun, RIO stands for Radar Intercept Officer. The RIO is the second crew member in an F-14 Tomcat, and they are responsible for operating the radar and weapons systems. Goose was Maverick’s RIO in Top Gun.

How much of Top Gun was real?

Some of the scenes in Top Gun were based on real-life events, but the movie itself is not entirely accurate. For example, the Top Gun school is not actually located at Naval Air Station Miramar, and the pilots do not actually fly as many missions as they do in the movie.

How much did Tom Cruise make for Top Gun 2?

Tom Cruise reportedly made $100 million for Top Gun: Maverick. This makes him one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood.

How realistic is Top Gun?

Top Gun is a Hollywood movie, so it is not entirely realistic. However, the movie does get some things right, such as the training that pilots go through and the types of planes that they fly.

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