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Adam Dimarco Movies and TV shows

Discover Adam Dimarco Movies and TV shows, from his breakout roles to his versatile talent. Explore his filmography now!

Adam Dimarco Movies and TV shows

Adam Dimarco Movies and TV shows

Adam DiMarco is a talented actor who has showcased his skills in a variety of movies and TV shows. With his captivating performances, he has left a lasting impression on audiences.

In the realm of movies, DiMarco has demonstrated his versatility through a range of genres. He has appeared in films such as “The Order” (2019), where he portrayed a young man caught up in a secret society, and “Radio Rebel” (2012), where he played the role of a high school student with a hidden talent for music.

DiMarco’s TV appearances have also been notable. He had a recurring role in the hit series “The Magicians” (2015-2020), where he portrayed Todd, a charismatic and resourceful character. He also made appearances in popular shows like “iZombie” (2015-2019) and “Supernatural” (2005-2020).

One of DiMarco’s notable roles was in the TV series “The Hollow” (2018-2020), an animated show where he voiced one of the main characters, Adam. His voice acting skills brought depth and personality to the character, making him a fan-favorite.

With each project, Adam DiMarco continues to showcase his talent, leaving a lasting impact on audiences. Whether it’s his on-screen presence or his voice work, he brings a unique charm and authenticity to every role he takes on.

As audiences eagerly anticipate DiMarco’s future projects, they can look forward to witnessing his growth as an actor and enjoying more of his captivating performances on both the big and small screens.

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Adam Dimarco Movies and TV shows

Year Title Role Notes
2010 Fourth Date Young Boy Short film
2012 Radio Rebel Gavin TV movie
2012-2013 Arctic Air Max TV series
2014 Rush Justin TV series
2015 The Returned Ben TV series
2016-2020 The Magicians Eliot Waugh TV series
2017-2019 Emma Fielding Mysteries Jake Parker TV series
2019 The Order Randall Carpio TV series
2021 The Good Doctor Casey Parker TV series
2022 The White Lotus Albie Di Grasso TV series
2022 Pillow Talk TBA TV series

What does Adam DiMarco play in?

Adam DiMarco has played in several TV shows and movies, including:

  • The White Lotus (2022) as Albie Di Grasso
  • The Order (2019-2020) as Randall Carpio
  • The Magicians (2016-2020) as Todd
  • The Good Doctor (2021) as Casey Parker
  • Radio Rebel (2012) as Gavin
  • Arctic Air (2012-2013) as Max
  • Rush (2014) as Justin
  • The Returned (2015) as Ben

What is Adam DiMarco doing now?

Adam DiMarco is currently filming the upcoming TV series Pillow Talk. He is also a musician and has released several singles.

Was Adam DiMarco in the good doctor?

Yes, Adam DiMarco played Casey Parker in one episode of The Good Doctor. His episode aired in 2021.

Who plays Zach in Charmed?

James Mackay plays Zach in Charmed. He is a new character who was introduced in the show’s fourth season.

What episode of Supernatural is Adam DiMarco in?

Adam DiMarco appears in the episode “The Man Who Would Be King” of Supernatural. He plays Aiden, a young man who is possessed by a demon.

Is Radio Rebel a Disney movie?

No, Radio Rebel is not a Disney movie. It is a TV movie that was released on Disney Channel.

Who plays Aiden Supernatural Season 8?

Adam DiMarco plays Aiden in the eighth season of Supernatural. He is a young man who is possessed by a demon.

Who plays Albie in White Lotus 2?

Adam DiMarco plays Albie in White Lotus 2. He is a recent Stanford graduate who travels to Sicily with his father and grandfather to learn more about their heritage.

Who is Todd in the magicians?

Adam DiMarco plays Todd in The Magicians. He is a young man who is a member of the Brakebills University magical community.

What movie did Nyle DiMarco produce?

Nyle DiMarco produced the movie Audible. It is a documentary about deaf culture and the importance of sign language.

Is Nyle DiMarco still deaf?

Yes, Nyle DiMarco is still deaf. He was born deaf and has never been able to hear.

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How old is Nyle DiMarco now?

Nyle DiMarco is 32 years old. He was born on July 8, 1989.

How old is Adam DiMarco?

Adam DiMarco is 32 years old. He was born on February 12, 1990.

Who is actually autistic in The Good Doctor?

Shaun Murphy, the main character of The Good Doctor, is autistic. He is a brilliant surgeon who has difficulty with social interactions.

What autism does The Good Doctor have?

Shaun Murphy has high-functioning autism. This means that he is able to function independently and hold down a job. However, he still struggles with social interactions and understanding other people’s emotions.

Does The Good Doctor have a twin in real life?

No, The Good Doctor does not have a twin in real life. The character of Shaun Murphy is based on the real-life doctor Shaun Murphy, who does not have a twin.

Who is the new girl on Charmed?

Lucy Barrett plays the new girl on Charmed. Her character’s name is Maggie Vera and she is a half-sister to the Charmed Ones.

Who was the rapper on Charmed?

Melonie Diaz played the rapper on Charmed. Her character’s name is Mel Vera and she is one of the Charmed Ones.

Who are the twins in Charmed?

The twins in Charmed are Macy Vaughn and Mel Vera. They are half-sisters who are both witches.

When did Sam and Dean meet Adam?

Sam and Dean met Adam in the episode “The Man Who Would Be King” of Supernatural. Adam is a young man who is possessed by a demon.

Does Adam appear in Supernatural?

Yes, Adam appears in Supernatural. He is a young man who is possessed by a demon. He appears in the episode “The Man Who Would Be King” of the eighth season.

What episode does Sam and Dean find out about Adam?

Sam and Dean find out about Adam in the episode “The Man Who Would Be King” of Supernatural. This is the same episode where they meet him.

Why did Radio Disney end?

Radio Disney ended in 2020. The network cited declining ratings and listenership as the reason for the closure.

Will Disney make an African movie?

Disney has not announced any plans to make an African movie. However, there have been rumors that such a movie is in development.

What are original Disney movies?

Original Disney movies are movies that were produced by Walt Disney Pictures or its subsidiaries. They include movies such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Lion King, and Frozen.

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