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Adam Brody Movies and TV shows

Discover Adam Brody Movies and TV shows, from his breakout role in “The O.C.” to his captivating performances in movies like “Jennifer’s Body” and “The Kid Detective.”

Adam Brody Movies and TV shows

Adam Brody Movies and TV shows

Adam Brody is a talented actor known for his memorable roles in both movies and TV shows. He rose to prominence with his portrayal of Seth Cohen in the hit teen drama series “The O.C.” (2003-2007), capturing audiences with his wit and charm.

In the realm of movies, Brody has showcased his versatility through a range of genres. He delivered a standout performance as the lovable comic book geek in “Fanboys” (2009) and displayed his comedic timing alongside Jennifer Aniston in “The Break-Up” (2006). In the horror-comedy “Jennifer’s Body” (2009), he played a charming band member caught up in a supernatural ordeal.

Brody also demonstrated his dramatic prowess in films like “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” (2005), where he shared the screen with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and “Cop Out” (2010), starring alongside Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan. His nuanced portrayal of a former child detective in “The Kid Detective” (2020) garnered critical acclaim and further showcased his acting range.

In addition to his film work, Brody has made notable appearances on television. He portrayed the enigmatic tech entrepreneur Mason Tannetti in the crime anthology series “StartUp” (2016-2018) and showcased his comedic chops in the sitcom “Single Parents” (2018-2020).

Throughout his career, Adam Brody has consistently delivered compelling performances that have resonated with audiences. With a blend of charm, humor, and depth, he continues to captivate viewers in both the big and small screen. Audiences eagerly anticipate Brody’s future projects, knowing that he will bring his unique talent and charisma to each role he takes on.

Adam Brody Movies and TV shows

Year Title Role Notes
1999 Never Land Joey
2000 Growing Up Brady Barry Williams TV film
2000 The Silencing Unknown Short film
2000 The Amanda Show Greg Brady TV series (guest role)
2000 Go Fish Billy Blue TV series (main role)
2003 Gilmore Girls Dave Rygalski TV series (recurring role)
2003 Grind Dustin Knight
2003 Missing Brendan Patrick Calden
2003 According to Spencer Tommy Spencer
2004 The Ring 2 Kellen
2004 Mr. & Mrs. Smith Benjamin Danz
2004 Missing Brendan (re-release) Patrick Calden
2005 The O.C. Seth Cohen TV series (main role)
2006 Thank You for Smoking Jack Beamon
2007 In the Land of Women Carter Webb
2008 Smiley Face Steve
2008 Death in Love Young Man
2009 Jennifer’s Body Nikolai
2010 Cop Out Barry Mangold
2010 The Romantics Jake
2010 Scream 4 Deputy Hoss
2011 The Oranges Toby Walling
2011 Damsels in Distress Fred Packenstacker
2012 Seeking a Friend for the End of the World Owen
2013 Lovelace Harry Reems
2014 Life Partners Tim
2014 Think Like a Man Too Isaac
2015 The League Ted TV series (guest role)
2015 Sleeping with Other People Sam
2015 Growing Up and Other Lies Rocks
2016 Yoga Hosers Ichabod
2017 CHIPS Clay Allen
2017 StartUp Nick Talman TV series (main role)
2018 The Kid Detective Abe Applebaum
2018 Isabelle Matt Kane
2018 The Wanting Unknown Short film
2019 Ready or Not Daniel Le Domas
2020 Promising Young Woman Dr. Ryan Cooper
2021 The Kid Detective Abe Applebaum
2021 Single Drunk Female Unknown TV series (pre-production)
2022 HouseBroken Chico (voice) TV series (voice role)
2022 The Education of Fredrick Fitzell Fredrick Fitzell
2022 Shazam! Fury of the Gods Unknown Post-production
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Are Adam Brody and Leighton Meester still married?

Yes, Adam Brody and Leighton Meester are still married. They have been married since February 15, 2014. They have two children together, a daughter named Arlo Day (born 2015) and a son (born 2020).

How did Leighton Meester meet Adam Brody?

Leighton Meester and Adam Brody met while filming the 2011 film The Oranges. They started dating in 2012 and got engaged in 2013.

Does Rachel Bilson still love Adam Brody?

There is no way to know for sure whether or not Rachel Bilson still loves Adam Brody. They dated for several years in the early 2000s, but they broke up in 2006. They have remained friends since then, and there have been some rumors that they have gotten back together, but there is no confirmation of this.

Did Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody date?

Yes, Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody dated for several years in the early 2000s. They met on the set of the TV show The O.C., and they were together until 2006.

Did Blake Lively and Leighton Meester fall out?

There have been some rumors that Blake Lively and Leighton Meester fell out, but there is no confirmation of this. They were close friends while they were filming Gossip Girl, but they have not been seen together much in recent years.

How long did Adam Brody and Leighton Meester date before marriage?

Adam Brody and Leighton Meester dated for about two years before they got married in 2014.

Who is Blair from Gossip Girl married to in real life?

Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl is married to Adam Brody in real life. They have been married since 2014 and have two children together.

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Did Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick date?

There were some rumors that Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick dated, but there is no confirmation of this. They were both on the cast of Gossip Girl, but they have never publicly confirmed that they were anything more than friends.

What happened to Adam Brody?

Adam Brody is still acting. He has appeared in a number of films and TV shows since his time on The O.C. and Gossip Girl. He most recently starred in the film Ready or Not.

How old was Leighton Meester in GG Season 1?

Leighton Meester was 21 years old when she started filming the first season of Gossip Girl.

Do Leighton and Adam have kids?

Yes, Leighton and Adam have two children together. They have a daughter named Arlo Day (born 2015) and a son (born 2020).

Why did Adam Brody leave Gilmore?

Adam Brody left Gilmore Girls because his character, Jess Mariano, was written off the show. The writers decided that Jess’s character arc was complete, and they wanted to focus on other characters.

Did anyone on The O.C. date in real life?

Yes, there were a few couples on The O.C. who dated in real life. Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody dated, as did Mischa Barton and Sebastian Stan.

Does Adam Brody have a wife?

Yes, Adam Brody has a wife. He is married to Leighton Meester, who he met while filming the movie The Oranges.

Who does Brody Jenner date?

Brody Jenner has dated a number of women, including Avril Lavigne, Kaitlynn Carter, and Josie Canseco. He is currently single.

Are Rachel Bilson and Mischa Barton friends?

Yes, Rachel Bilson and Mischa Barton are friends. They met while filming The O.C., and they have remained close friends ever since.

How long were Bill Hader and Rachel Bilson together?

Bill Hader and Rachel Bilson were together for about two years. They started dating in 2012, and they broke up in 2014.

Who left Rory pregnant?

Rory Gilmore was left pregnant by Logan Huntzberger in the Gilmore Girls series finale.



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